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Breast feeding/formula usage @ W&I

Hi: just wondering if any moms with prior experience can weigh in. I am planning to breast feed, but my mother had issues with milk and ended up formula feeding me (granted this was 1979) I was wondering if the nursing staff at women and infants were good about giving new moms a chance to get things going or if they have to tendency to dive in with supplemental formula.

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  • Hi i had my daughter in 2012 and they were awesome with it. They brought in a pump for me because she had trouble latching. They had lactation consultants come in to help if your having trouble. The nurses also show you how to hold and feed the baby. I did start to do formula while there only because i wasnt producing enough colostrum. But they were awesome with it. 
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    Same here. Did kangaroo care postpartum even though baby was in the NICU. He had trouble latching so I pumped with the help of a lactation consultant. Sign up for the breastfeeding class they have at W & I if you have time. Your insurance may cover it.

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