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Any British Bumpies?!

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Quite new to The Bump and pregnant with my 1st at 5wks 2days :D

Thought it would be nice to try and connect with other mum's/mum-to-bes in England as just came across this International forum.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Re: Any British Bumpies?!

  • mrieemriee member
    I'm in 25 weeks in England. I only just noticed how American this app is but its my favourite so nice to see there's an English section
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    Also British but living overseas! Nice to have this as not many other mums for me to talk about being a mum with .... When are you both due?
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  • Hi! I'm in the north east and am due 4th November! Nice to see some British mamas on here :)
  • mrieemriee member
    I'm due 7th of August and still sems very far away...
  • Hi,

    I'm in Mid Wales. My due date in 27th January. 

  • I'm not due until January 8th feels like forever away!

  • Hi, I'm living in cornwall. I'm 13 weeks in now, due jan 6th. It's my first, and it's been an interesting journey so far. It's definitely good to see some British ladies on here. Good luck everyone xxxxxxxx
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  • lp33llp33l member
    Hi! I'm British but living overseas. I'm
    8 weeks pregnant with my second. Congratulations and good luck to everyone
  • I'm an ex-pat in LDN... Very early days (March 2016!!!)... Such a loooooooonnnnnnngggggg way to go!
  • Hii I'm also an expat in London! Due feb 2016....@ncobble, how did you pick your hospital? I'm a bit nervous about it!
  • Welcome all of you and it is nice to speak to mothers-to-be that are all a bit closer to home.
    I originally had a MC the month after I started this post (April) but after being 3 days late tested with a BFP again and EDD 24/03/16 (March birth month group as well @ncobble)

    I live in Reading which is not that far from London, it'll be nice to keep in touch and share this journey together!
    A h&h 9 months to us British bumpies!
  • Hi fellow Brits!
    I've been living in the US for the last couple years but I still feel rather out of place on the main forums, really glad to see there are other Brits around! I was born and raised in Derbyshire, I'm 14 weeks now, due Jan 21st 2016. Very excited, this is our first :-) 

    Congratulations on the bumps all! 
    lp33l said:
    Hi! I'm British but living overseas. I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my second. Congratulations and good luck to everyone
    Which country are you in? What do you miss most about the UK (besides friends and family)? 
  • Hi I live in ascot smallangel so not far from you at all! I'm due 20 January! It's nice to find a forum with some other Brits or people living in the UK! I have to say I was about to leave the bump because of the negativity and meanness of a number of people in my birth club but just think I will mostly stay away from there! I don't understand why people can be so horrid when they are online...there is no need!! :) I hope all of your pregnancies are going well so far and you feel happy and healthy!
  • Hi Sally! Wow your due date is right by mine! How are you feeling? Glad you're sticking around, I know what you mean about the meanness of people sometimes, but I found it was a lot worse on the Babycenter forums so I stick it out here. 
  • Hi ebiejay! Good to meet someone due around the same time! Where are you in the U.S.? I'm very excited about being pregnant as it is is something I have wanted a long time and my so had a reverse vasectomy for me and wasn't sure it would even work!! So although I'm not blooming yet I can cope with not feeling great! Still feeling a bit sick and really really tired and headachy but bump is starting to grow :) how are you doing so far? Had the harmony test done (had to be sent to us to be done as the Nhs won't do it) so I will find out gender as part of the results in about a week too! X
  • Congrats on the bump! Hopefully you'll shake those first tri symptoms pretty soon. Mine are mostly gone now, just occasional fatigue and a loose stomach (I keep throwing up a little in my mouth even though I'm not queasy, so gross! lol) Ah well, it's all for the best cause! Exciting that you find out the gender so soon, we have to wait until the anatomy scan. Really looking forward to the first kick too!

    We live in New Hampshire, which looks mostly like England's countryside, so mostly I feel at home. There are lots of things I miss though!
  • Hi all, just wondering how everyone is getting on so far?
    I'm now 18 weeks +2days, can't believe it's going soo fast, it's mad ;-)!! I've got my anatomy scan on August 25th, can't wait, definitely going to find out the sex eeekkk!
    I know what you ladies mean, the bump is very american, I do love the app though, just a shame part of the app isn't a bit more british orientated.
    Good luck to everyone, and have a fabulous weekend! much love to all. Xxxxxx
  • Ah typical the British group starts getting busy just as I hit 40 weeks.
  • Hey there, how exciting! You'll have to let us know how you get on, good luck with everything. When is your due date? Xxx
  • Hi everyone! Ebiejay sorry I didn't respond have been on holiday with the stepkids :) I bet New Hampshire is lovely! first tri symptoms are gone...hurray I feel normal again so hope you and everyone on the board is feeling well too! When does everyone have their anatomy scans? Good luck to Jodie on 25th! Mine is 3 sep...harmony test came back and risk of chromosomal issues very low (1 in 10000!) but anatomy scan the next big check point! I know gender but waiting for scan to hopefully say the same thing lol! Has anyone felt baby move yet?! I think I'm starting to...occasional twitching and light tapping in various places and as I write this just got a flutter to left of belly button :) hoping you are all well and happy xx
  • Oh and good luck mriee! Maybe you've already had your baby :)
  • Oh and good luck mriee! Maybe you've already had your baby :)

    Sadly I have not and I'm now 4 days overdue

    :(( but I just lost my MP so fingers crossed I don't have to wait much longer.

    Good luck to everyone else :)
  • @mriee Gah I bet you're feeling so keen to get him/her out! 2 fays later and maybe you already met your little one... fingers crossed...
  • I hope it happens for you soon mriee :) waiting cannot be fun xx
  • Hi emk20, welcome to the group! Hope you're feeling okies, and we're always here if you need us. What an exciting time for everyone ;-)!
    And to mriee, oh bless you, hope you've met your little one now! Let us know how you are as soon as you've got the energy too xxxxxxxxxx
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  • mrieemriee member
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    Hi guys nope I'm currently 41+1 and still not seeing any signs he's ready to come out yet. I've had a "perfect" pregnancy hardly any weight gain or stretch marks and thankfully he appears totally heathly. The only annoying things were I developed the pregnancy mask and have awful hip pain. But otherwise I can't complain though I still want him out asap :-w
  • Hi mriee, oh I feel for you! It's good to hear you've had a mostly, problem free, pregnancy. Hadn't heard of the pregnancy mask, I'll be googling that ;-)!
    I can't imagine what it's like having to wait for your little one, hope he makes an appearance asap, I've got everything crossed for you!!
    Take care my lovely, hope to hear more soon. Xxxxxx
  • Hey im Kim, I'm 28 weeks 2 days from Cheshire. First pregnancy and I love this app! X
  • Hi kim, welcome to the British bumpies section, good to have you on board ;-)!! Have a good sunday evening. Xxxxx
  • @mriee Gah I bet you're feeling so keen to get him/her out! 2 days later and maybe you already met your little one... fingers crossed...

    Welcome to the British Bumpies Kim and Emk!
  • Oh fantastic news! Thank you sooo much for the update ;-)! Hope you are both well, and you are having the best snuggle time ever!
    Much love to you both, and l look forward to more updates on how you are both getting on. Xxxxxx
  • So happy he's completely heathly and I was able to deliver exactly how I wanted according to my birth plan. Around 11pm I thought screw this so I went into the hospital totally hysterical. Apprerently I was only 2 centimetres dialted but they took pity on me and admitted me anyway. Thank goodness I did because 3 hours later when they came to check on me and tell me to go home again it turned out I was fully dilated! I gave birth half an hour later with zero pain relief to boot :xt no idea how I managed that tbh. And we're all already home safe and sound. I hope the rest of you get to have such a positive experience.
  • Oh that's fantastic, so happy for you!! It's so good to hear he's completely healthy and your both home, brilliant!
    How fabulous you was able to deliver him how you wanted too, and you went to the hospital when you did as well!
    Fingers crossed I have a similar experience ;-)!!
    Enjoy getting to know each other, how lovely for you both :-) xxxxxxx
  • Just found here from the Jan 2016 board! Hello! :-h I live in Worcester and I'm due 27th Jan, FTM.
  • @mriee Congratulations! So happy to hear everything went well, I'm sure your son is perfect! 

    Really exciting, @jodieHxx :-D Can you feel him moving around yet? 
  • Hello! I am also here from
    Jan 2016 board, due 29th January from Glasgow.
  • Thanks ladies, I'm so chuffed!! Oh yes, I can feel him loads lol!! He's a proper little karate kid, whenever I sit down he starts kicking and moving, bless him! I love him so much already. Luckily my placenta is high up and too the back, so I've been really lucky that I've felt him moving from about 16ish weeks.
    Good luck with everything to you all ;-) xxxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations @mriee ! @jodieHxx bet that was really exciting to find out :) my scan is a week on Today...time is going very slowly!!!
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