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Anyone notice their pets being extra clingy since they got pregnant? Every night I'm having this battle between our 17month old and our our cat-they both keep trying to get on top of me when I lie down!

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  • Yes! My dog has been following me everywhere and has to sleep right against me.


  • Two dogs, laying on top of me all the time!
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  • My cat who I adore, has been driving me up a wall! Every night when I go to bed she's been meowing at all hours of the night. (we don't let her in our room) if I'm seated down she's on my lap, my head, my feet...
  • Yup- one dog is my absolute shadow and the other is skeptical. Cat howling at night.
  • Yes my dog! She doesn't leave my side constantly looking for where I am lying on me at every opportunity.. Very strange
  • Of my 3 dogs, the one who prefers me the least has been more attached. She likes to lay by my stomach now.
  • This. Post. OMG yes I can't get any of the animals in my house to leave me moms lab mix has been super clingy and she even jumped into my bed and she has hip brothers cat won't stop meowing and trying to sleep in my room...which I don't let him because he likes to play pee under the bed so he's not aloud in my room... But it's constant I had to bring my dog with me to take my husband to work because she would stop barking until I picked her up and it was too early for crazy barking lol
  • My lab has always been clingy but yes! Recently he has been glued to me anytime I'm home! It's cute and all, but I'm a little worried about how he will deal with new babies in the house taking all of my attention.
  • Yes! I have three dogs and a horse that have all been super clingy. The dogs are also very protective ("guarding" me when I'm in the shower) and the horse has been showing typical male dominance (I've squashed that!). It is really fascinating.
  • I know this post is a few days old but OMG!
    My lab has been glued to my hip, trying to lay on me and always has his head on me when I'm sitting down.
    Well this morning he climbed in the bath with me! It was funny but weird!
  • My first pregnancy by dog was up my butt from the start. Now? She avoids me. I thi N it's because she knows what's going to happen again and is mad.

    Can't say I don't mind. Her being up my butt was annoying
  • scw89scw89 member
    Does anyone have a protective dog? Funny story, DH and I were having sex last night and the dog started barking and growling at DH! He must have thought he was hurting me! He has never reacted like that! (Sorry if TMI)
  • Draped himself over my stomach then growled at my husband (who stopped the growling in its tracks lol) and wouldnt let anybody touch me lol he thinks it's his baby lol
  • My cat was one of the indicators that we were pregnant before I could even take a test! Last time she wanted nothing else than to lay on me and started doing it again. She knew before we did!
  • kmd91kmd91 member
    See, my dog is really clingy anyways, so as far as that I wouldn't notice a change. However, not long after I found out, she started making a habit of peeing by our back door. Like, she would occasionally have accidents before (she's like 6 months old, and if you forget to take her out frequently enough she will have an accident every now and again), but it became a daily thing. I thought it was so weird, and upon googling it, I saw that some others had had similar experiences with their dogs when they got pregnant. So weird! So now we are back to having a baby gate up to block her from getting to the back door to pee without me noticing.
  • Our one cat, who hasn't slept with me in bed since he was about 8 months old (he's going to be 4 years soon) started sleeping behind my knees, and the other one who is always clingy anyway became desperately/anxiously clingy. Sometimes I wake up during the night & one is sleeping behind my knees & the other is sleeping against my shins, and I rarely have my lap to myself anymore. =^!!^=
  • When my lab jumps around me to play (she won't jump on me at all anymore, but will hop beside me as we run in the field)... My other dog will growl and barrel her over to the ground and then keep her away from me until I tell him to stop.  He's gotten more protective of me.  He also will come sit beside me but facing me, and place his paw very gently on my belly and give me this "aw" look.

    Also, my dads dog is always very rough and a jumper.  As soon as we walk through the door he's jumping up, nipping and trying to grab at you to play rough.  I went over for the first time since I've been pregnant, and it was like a complete 180 - He was SO gentle around me, never jumped at all, sat and waited for me to give him rub.  While my husband got attacked :) so weird how quickly they figure it out!
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  • Yes but I'm actually excited about it! My cat has hated me all 2 years of his life and I would get so jealous bc he loves my husband so much it's sickening. Wellllll the tables have turned and I am loving it!!
  • This is him with his little paw on my belly during our daily nap
  • nano1nano1 member
    Dh and I have started joking that not only is our son and cat trying to snuff me out at night, but also a raccoon who's been coming for six straight nights! He kept coming in the cat door and now we have to block it shut at night. I was terrified it was going to crawl into our bed too!
  • My pittie girl is obsessed with laying in my lap! She just wants to lay on me any chance she gets. My beagle is super snuggly in bed recently, even more so than usual.
  • kat8844kat8844 member
    I thought only my dog was acting weird when I was pregnant. I see that this is normal :)
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    Yeah mine too. I considered to  create designated spaces for both mine 17-month-old and cat to feel close to me without overwhelming. Additionally, when u have a baby  it is essential to ensure your cat's health with regular check-ups and explore pet medication without prescription options if needed.
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