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Changing Doctors?

I'm not sure I want my current GYN to be my OB, I'm not really comfortable with asking questions and feel kinda brushed off? Anyone have any good suggestion for Doctors at either Woman's or BR General- Bluebonnet??

Re: Changing Doctors?

  • I'm seeing Dr. Jolie Bourgeois at Womans, she's through Associates in Womens Health. I love her to death! I've actually heard great things about most of the drs in AWH, but she's the only one I have experience with and I'm very happy.
  • I see Dr. Wendi Holden - Parker at Womans. I delivered this week, and she was great through the whole process. But if you're looking for someone who is more social/chatty, you might not like her. She gets down to business!
  • Allyson Boudreaux at womans. Love her! Unfortunately, she can't deliver my baby because I have to deliver at BRG, and she doesn't have privileges there any more. My first apt we talked about different doctors and she is helping me get in with one of her partners that does have privileges at BRG....not many doctors would do this! She is awesome and just down to earth.
  • I see Dr. Amanda Pearson at Woman's and love her! I switched a few years ago from a gyn to her since she did ob as well and figured I would need that specialty eventually :) she listens well and gives great feedback. She is laid back but not dismissive or nonchalant. Very much recommend her!
  • I see Dr. Chapman at Womens with the practice Schwartzenburg, Lafranca and Guidry. She's amazing and I've only heard great things about the other doctors in the practice. Good luck!
  • Dr. Nicole Chauvin at woman's is great! She is in The Womens Clinic group.
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  • I uses dr. Pearson as we'll and she is an awesome ob/gyn. We just delivered my baby girl on July 23rd. She was there throughout our infertility and pregnancy. She is even helping me post partoum with hypertension. I love her. I also know dr Michael pernichero (if that's how it's spelled) is a great doctor.
  • I am with Dr. Dickerson at Woman's. I've only met with him once, but he gave me more info in one appointment than I'd get in 5 with my old doctor. His nurse is great, and always gets right back to me and is super patient with all my questions. My progesterone dipped a bit, and they called me in a pill for it right away, and scheduled a retest. They seem really on top of things. I've heard some doctors don't even test progesterone.
  • I've seen Dr. Kleinpeter at woman's since I was 18, and he was my OB for DD and for baby #2. However, Dr. Chauvin delivered DD. My SIL sees Dr. Brown at Womans and loves them.
  • @Leahauc I also see Dr. Jolie Bourgeois at AWH in Baton Rouge. She is amazing at what she does and really makes you feel as though she has all the time in the world during your appointment for you. I've also see Dr. Linh Dang while Jolie was recently on maternity leave, which was a total disaster. Although I was only one point over on my fasting level for my glucose test, she had me diagnosed with GD and lined up to be on insulin. When Dr. Bourgeois returned from leave, she ruled out the diagnosis after viewing my glucose log. I was really upset about the entire thing and am so glad to have had Dr. Bourgeois to reassess the diagnosis.

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