Recovering from 1st c-section

Alright so I labored for 15hrs to be told my pelvis was to small to deliver... Thus a c-section happened... My incision has healed up nicely and I'm pretty well back to normal 2 weeks later my only concern is because I was in labor so long and in bed pretty much for 4 days adding in nursing a newborn and sitting constantly my tailbone/lower back/top of my butt just hurt and feel numb since I went in to have her 2 weeks ago... Any advice Momma's?

Re: Recovering from 1st c-section

  • I'm dealing with the same thing! I had my c sections 2 weeks ago as well. It's becomming so painful to sit at all. That area goes numb or has a ton of pain almost immediately. I've been sitting on a pillow and that's been helping a bit but it's still so painful/numb. Hopefully someone has some advice!
  • Ok glad I'm not the only one and I am not ashamed to admit that I've had my husband massaging my butt on a daily basis lol
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  • Get up and walk around. Bundle baby up and go for a walk around the block. That's what's going to help the most. I was up walking around my hopsital room the next day. When I had a chance I would just walk around for a few minutes.
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