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Questions: About moving baby from bassinet to crib

So Joshua is 11 weeks old and I am not sure on when do I move him to the crib?  I don't want to wait until he has grow completely out of his bassinet, So I need some advice on how to do this was their any tips or tricks you guys have done to make this easier? How long did it take for you to make the move? Thank you so much in advance for your guys help!

Re: Questions: About moving baby from bassinet to crib

  • You should make the move when both you and baby are ready. With my first, we moved him at 6 months and it was hell. We ended up using the cry it out method, which sucked at the time, but it worked. This babe is almost ten weeks old and we moved her to her own room into the crib at 8 weeks. She was a good sleeper from the start, but she hates the rock and play and preferred to lay flat. She also kept me up all night because she is a noisy sleeper. The first night I decided it was time, I nursed her in her room in the dark and set her in her crib half asleep and walked away. She sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours at a time. For us, routine and darkness are key.
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  • Following because my lo is 9 weeks and I've been wondering the same thing
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    For us what worked great was starting with at least one nap a day in her crib (so she got used to the space, it's smell, etc). We began that around 7 weeks, the began putting baby down in crib at bedtime around 9-10 weeks. Would nurse and put back into crib for late night feeding, then bring back into our bed at the early AM feeding (around 6am, mostly so I could snuggle her since I missed her overnight!).
  • I moved my girl at 2 months and I knew she started sleeping through the night for sure. I swaddle her and she's down for the count. Maybe wakes up once in the morning to eat and goes back down till like 9am. It's truly whenever you feel comfortable. I say get used to having the LO in the other room first before you worry about the transfer (:
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