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2 year sleep regression?

My son is 23 months old and has always been a great napper/sleeper. From about 4 months until the last few weeks, he has always put himself to sleep. All of a sudden, he is refusing his naps and bedtime. He is so tired, he falls asleep standing up with his head on his lovey, resting on the crib rail. I have tried letting him CIO ( for 1 min all the way up to 20 min intervals) before having to go in and lay him back down. I don't see any signs of molars and there is no illness. I am just curious if anyone has had this same issue with their almost 2 year old?  He will go as long as an hour fighting before falling asleep for about an hour. Any suggestions on how to help him go back to self soothing?

Re: 2 year sleep regression?

  • Could just be a regression that will pass, but had you had him checked for an ear infection just as a rule out? My daughter had one about a year ago. did not follow a cold or anything, no fever, no ear pulling, acted perfectly normal during the day, but she all of a sudden didn't want to go down for naps/bedtime... Turns out she had a pretty nasty ear infection actually that even traded to the other ear middle of treatment and we had to switch antibiotics. Was very strange but enough to make me always wonder now when I hear about sudden regressions or when my daughter starts acting weird around bedtime or naptime...
  • Thank you.. It's been going on for a couple weeks now so it won't hurt to get that ruled out.
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