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4 month old problems help!

My LO is 18 weeks now and we've been having a growth spurt but it's different than the ones before now. His sleep has changed and he's up every 2-4 hours where he was sleeping 5-6 then up for one feeding and then down again for another 3-4 hours then up at 5-6am for the day. On top of this, he's barely eating more than 120-140ml each feeding in the day and then is barely napping now. Today alone he woke up at 4am slept from about 530-7 was up all day until about 1pm then slept about 1.5 hours and then went to bed around 6pm.

He's all sorts of fussy and clingy and cries if I step out of sight. I can barely get anything done around the house, can barely use the bathroom, and I'm not sleeping well because of him waking every 2 hours or so. I'm starting work in two days and need to know what's going on and how I can make it better/easier. My SO can't help because he gets up and leaves at 5am and comes home after 10pm. I'm the only one taking care of LO so any tips or advise would be helpful.

Re: 4 month old problems help!

  • I hate to tell you this but things usually go to hell with babies around 4 months old. There's a sleep regression, teething, they are more alert, starting to roll, be more active, etc. I know that some mom's get used to a baby sleeping a certain way or behaving a certain way but with babies, nothing stays the same for long. I'd adjust your expectations and try to roll with it.

    All you can really do is feed your baby when he's hungry and try to get him to sleep when he's tired. It's hard and it's frustrating but that's how babies are. This beginning stuff sucks.

  • Feel you on this. My 18 week old usually angelic and happy baby has turned into a fussy crying clingy little self. He wakes up a lot at night, but putting a pacifier in his mouth usually lulls him back to sleep, and during the day wants to be constantly held and fusses for no particular reason. He gets major distracted when he eats and barely finishes his usual 5oz. 
    He does go to daycare during the day but in mornings/evenings I'm the only one taking care of him. I'm barely getting anything done around the house. 

    I want to say it will pass or once we adjust to it then it'll be easier. I sure hope so. 
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  • We've been going through the same thing with our 18 week old for the last week and, yup, it's the 4 month sleep regression! 

    This website seriously helped me figure out what was going on and some simple things to help.

    Hope it gets easier for you!
  • We are currently in the same boat. Upon further exploration I noticed DS has a tooth poking through and another about to. Have you looked to see if its more than a growth spurt? maybe teething too? Sadly ours hit at the same time and of course we started the transition to his crib around this time too.

    Good luck!

  • My LO is teething but nothing has popped up yet. He's drooling copious amounts (have to change bibs 4-5 times a day!) and he's chewing on everything! Last night, though, my MIL watched him overnight so I could sleep in order to be rested for my new job I started today. He slept 7 hours straight for her with no fussiness or crying and then another 2.5 after waking for a bottle! Idk why he's an angel for her and then has a horrible time with me! It's upsetting a bit because it makes me feel I'm doing something wrong ._.

    I've read about the sleep regression on that website and it helped a bit :) I just really am finding this 'back to newborn routine' tiring ._.
  • Check out the Wonder Weeks, there is one for week 19.  This may help answer some of your questions.

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  • Can't access the web. 
  • I'm not sure if this comment was for my Wonder Weeks link, but it works when I click on it...
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  • It's normal. Meet the kid's needs & don't worry about the house.

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