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How can I buy Eco-friendly products on lower income?

Any tips on this? 
I'd love to use eco diapers and wipes! I'm also looking for a good laundry detergent too. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to save money on green products, or have some suggested brands to look into. Thanks! 

Re: How can I buy Eco-friendly products on lower income?

  • As for diapers and wipes - go cloth! It might be some extra cost up front but in the long run you will save money. Get pre-fold diapers rather than AIO, and make your own wipes with scrap flannel from your local craft/fabric store. 
  • A little at a time. 

    Make your own laundry detergent! It costs way less than buying it in stores!

    Buy a few cloth diaper covers at a time and work your way up. A lot of people use Flour Sack Towels (found at Target or Walmart) or flannel baby blankets as flat cloth diapers. There are lots of videos on YouTube about folding flats, but I generally just fold them to fit a cover. 

    If you switch to cloth diapers for baby, you might as well switch to family cloth! Family cloth is cloth wipes used in place of toilet paper. Most people who use it reserve toilet paper for messy #2 and guests… it really cuts down on the recurring cost of toilet paper! 

    I could seriously spend an entire day giving examples of money saving that is "crunchy" - Go vegan or vegetarian (we saw a massive drop in our weekly grocery bill when we went vegan, without sacrificing our mostly organic diet), buy into a CSA (community supported agriculture), order dry goods in bulk from Azure Standard, up-cycle your old, slightly worn out clothes into new clothes for your quickly growing child, use unpaper towels and reusable cleaning rags… 
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