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Best pocket diaper

New to this.....what brand is your favorite? 

Re: Best pocket diaper

  • I'm new too, but have taken the advice of others to try what works...every babe is different.  I'm an FTM due in October but it seems that no matter how much research I do, the same advice keeps coming up!  Good luck!
  • Every baby is different- I have had a few brands that just didn't work for my first- leg openings were too big, etc.  But my favorites are BumGenius.  They are the ones my husband has the easiest time with also.  Nicky's diapers makes their own similar ones (Imagine) that aren't quite as high quality but are much less money, too.   Keep an eye on the Cottonbabies website and you can sometimes find Bumgenius ones as seconds, which I have bought a bunch of and haven't had any problems with.
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