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Baby failed hearing test in left ear

Hi All,

My little guy failed his hearing test in his left ear twice. Once in the hospital and once at the Drs. We are going to the specialist this week. He can definitely hear. He is soothed by sshh sounds and startles. I'm still very worried and anxious about the test. Anyone have a similar situation?


Re: Baby failed hearing test in left ear

  • My son failed in the hospital twice, also in his left ear. His pediatrician said to wait until he's close to 3 months to give any amniotic fluid and/or vernix a chance to clear, then go to an audiologist. His appointment is on Friday so I'll update you! When is your appointment with the Audiologist?
  • Our appointment is tomorrow. I'm so nervous. I'm hoping for the best but trying to prepare myself for the worst. I will keep you posted.
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  • It ended up being just fluid his ears were perfect.
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