Laughing after c section.

This is my first c section, which was not planned beforehand so I feel so unprepared and scared of every little pain I feel, but one thing that I'm really nervous about is laughing. I've been trying not to laugh and have been keeping a pillow near by to Hold over my stitches while laughing. The times I haven't had a pillow and laughed, it scares me. My stitches feel tight and I'm scared I could pull/hurt something. Anyone have this same fear? Or any advice on anything about healing? Thanks ladies!

Re: Laughing after c section.

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    Yes, MH is a notorious jokester and after my first cs he kept trying to crack jokes about everything as soon as we were out in recovery till I finally told him to stop bc it was really hurting to laugh. I kept splinting my stomach with a pillow to help. It got better after a week or so.
    This 2nd time the medical crew kept cracking jokes in the OR while I was on the table and I was laughing and again had to tell them to stop...

    It will get better fast I promise. Just try to laugh with your face and mouth rather than stomach...if that makes any sense....
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