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LO hates riding in the car

Anyone have any suggestions for our lo that hates riding in the car home from grandmas at about 7pm? She cries and gets hot and sweaty as soon as you get going. She won't take her paci or play with any toys. I was thinking that perhaps she is just tired? On the way to Grandmas at 6am she is fine. We have to stop halfway home to comfort her because she is crying so hard at night. Help!

Re: LO hates riding in the car

  • 7 pm is bedtime for us (for the last month or so; before that it was 8). Sounds like tired to me. Is the ride home long? If not, I'd say just do your best to hussle home when you pick up LO (no chit chat with Grandma). If it's longer than 15 minutes, try to get LO to wind down and maybe even to sleep before you get in the car. The best option would be to pick up so you go home earlier, but I'm guessing that's not an option.
  • DD did this for the first 4 months (she's 6 months old) and then just stopped. She used to cry ANYTIME she was in the car. Not much you can do because you have to drive with her.
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  • My baby had silent reflux and the infant carrier made it worse because of the position she was sitting in. We switched to a Britax seat that sits her more upright and we've been riding happy since 3 months old! ( she's 6.5 months now)
  • Both of my girls cried in the carseat. It stopped for DD2 when we got her on medicine for reflux. But nights were also bad, too. I think she likes to see and hates it being dark.

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