Induction after preemie

Just wanted to give you ladies hope! I am currently 39w1d pregnant with baby 2.

I delivered my son at 30 weeks due to ptl of unknown cause in 2012.

I did progesterone injections from week 16-36. I am now being scheduled for an induction on Tuesday, April 7th at 39w5d (because I am projectile vomiting and feel miserable from that).

But there is hope that you can go to term after a preemie!

Re: Induction after preemie

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    Yay! That's great! Def gives me hope after my water broke at 30 weeks w my girls....congrats!
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    Oh this is a great post. My son is 2 and was a 30weeker due to unknown reason! I am currently 26 weeks with a little girl and I am always on edge of the same happening again! Thank you for the positive post! Xx
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