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Mattress Gap - Help

Hi everyone - 

We received our crib mattress yesterday and it seems to fit ok, for the most part. There is one corner that I am concerned about, however. I'm not sure if it is truly a concern or if I am just being paranoid...If I squeeze them, I can fit two fingers in between the crib rail and the mattress in the corner. I can also squeeze in a book that is about 1 inch thick.  I have attached some pictures. Do you think the fit is ok, or is it too large of a gap? 

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    I think you are okay, as long as the crib mattress dimensions are what's recommended to go with the crib. I also can squeeze (and by squeeze, I mean squeeze) 1-2 fingers between the side and rail. I know it's only because I have very thin fingers and I'm squeezing which means the mattress has some give to it. Check the requirements on the mattress and crib and as long as those match up you should be fine.
  • Once you put a mattress cover (waterproof) and a crib sheet on it'll fit more snugly
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