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Intro - HIE diagnosis

Hi, I'm new to the special needs board. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl almost a month ago. We had a really traumatic delivery and birth and now she has HIE. She was born with no pulse or heart beat and put on the cooling pad for 72 hours. She is doing so much better than when she was first born but we are still dealing with a lot of issues (seizures, feeding tube, etc.). I'm feeling pretty alone and was hoping to connect with other parents going through similar situations. Thanks!

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  • Not a regular poster (by a long shot), but another HIE mom. My DD was born via emergency c-section in November after my uterus ruptured. She was unresponsive at birth, but the neonatal team was able to get her stabilized and on the cooling blankets within 2 hours of her birth. She spent 9 days in the NICU, and so far is doing remarkably well. We are keeping an eye on some weakness on her left side. She has not suffered from seizures, and while her weight gain so far has been on the very low end of the growth chart, she's not on a feeding tube. I'm sure those have got to be stressful. :(

    My DD is my 4th child, and I went in blissfully ignorant of how quickly things could go wrong. I know how blessed we are to have her here with us, and can handle any issues that may show themselves as she grows, but I hate the uncertainty that comes with this diagnosis. Many hugs and prayers for you and your precious baby girl!
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