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My name is emilee and i have a 3 month old baby girl I also live at my grandparents house in boone my fiance her father is in some trouble and is on house arrest in Des moines so its hard for us to be together and its even more hard for him to help take care of her were trying to move down there soon so we can all be together but its hard when I only get SSI so I'm really stressed out plus my fiance doesn't have a job... also he tells me I need to lose weight cuz I'm fat lol I weigh 156 and when I got pregnant I weighed 132 not much of a difference so I guess I'm just confused and need a little help on my stress and wat I should do I love my fiancé with all my heart i just wish he would under stand where I'm coming from plus its hard to work out when I have ruemetoid arthritis so I'm limited he doesnt under stand that he hurts me when he says I'm fat he says he says it to motivate me but it just puts me down even more so if anyone can help me please let me know

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  • I wouldn't share so much personal information on the internet. It's not safe.

    Sounds like you are in a tough place right now. You have a fiancé who doesn't have a job, is on house arrest, treats you like shit and calls you fat. Hmmm, sounds like a complete asshole. I'd reconsider that relationship, at least for the sake of your child.

    I hope your grandparents are helping you out with the baby because (I'm making an assumption here) I'm guessing you need all the help you can get. Good luck. Ditch that fiancé.

  • Do you motivate him by calling him a POS criminal? By his thinking, that motivation alone should keep him out of trouble.

    Some people....
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  • Someone calling you fat is not motivation to lose weight.  Your main job is to take care of your baby.  I hope your grandparents are helping you. 
  • My suggestion is to focus on building a strong support system for you and your child. Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship and especially is not enough to physically, financially and emotionally provide for you and your child. Excercise is a great stress reliever but I would try not to focus on it for weight loss and instead fond some method (yoga, walking, etc) to benefit your overall health and well being. Good luck!
  • Would you want someone to call your daughter fat? No? Then don't let anybody do it to you either.
  • Some people just are plain mean. You need to drop this guy because whatever connection you have its not healthy for you or your baby. You need to think of her now. Is that the kind of treatment you want her to see? Being a single parent I  know is hard but it sounds like he's not helping anyway so I think is you don't want to leave him then you need to evaluate your relationship with him and put your foot down or do something because he won't change.
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