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My 15 month old son has started chasing the dog...

We have a 5 year old terrier mix, who I love dearly, but she isn't the best with new people. When our son was born in December 2013 she left him alone or would sniff him and walk away. Lately though my son has decided he wants to "play" with her. He is tall enough to reach her when she is on her chair (which was her special spot) and she has a hard time escaping him. I am trying to teach my son to be gentle, but is is only 15 months and is driving her crazy. She has never snapped or anything, but she has started to warning growl. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want my son to think he has to avoid her at all costs, but I also don't want him to bother her. I am having a hard time finding a healthy balance. Help!

Re: My 15 month old son has started chasing the dog...

  • I only let our son pet the dog while I hold his hand. She tolerates him drumming on her and pulling her tail because he's a messy eater and shares his food with her all the time. The cat has a real issue with the kids so I keep him in our room and shut the door most of the time. He runs from the kids but if I am there and help them pet him he will allow it. The dog is a rescue and can tell she's had several puppies. She's very protective of our kids and when the baby cries she try's to find us and make us do something about it.
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