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Cloth Diapers

Does anyone on here use cloth diapers?? I want to switch my son into cloth diapers but I have no idea where to start.  Just wonder what brands people use and such or helpful websites to look at?

Thank you!!

Re: Cloth Diapers

  • It's been ages since I was on, but I thought I'd stop by!  We use cloth and absolutely love them.  We tried a few different kinds (AI1, AI2, prefolds), but I settled on the Buttons brand, which is really an AI2.  They keep him nice and dry during the day but aren't too bulky for him to crawl and stand comfortably.  I've tried every possible combo for nighttime use and have had to use disposables for that, as my boy is a very heavy wetter and now a tummy sleeper, so we've exploded quite a few dipes.  I would recommend DiaperWare as a site to get an overview of where to start.  Also, I recommend the Bumgenius powder detergent- and NEVER use dryer sheets with your cloth dipes, it ruins their absorbency.
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  • thank you so much for the response.  I have started using them. Here's to hoping it works!!
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  • I use the brands that I received as gifts: Charlie Banana, Bumgenius, Rumparooz, gDiapers and another more generic Ai2.  I love the convenience of the all in ones because I don't have to stuff.  Stuffing gets old after awhile.  I bought some used gpants on clothdiapertrader.com (a great find for gently-used, name-brand diapers!) and they have been great!  I love the gDiapers because they are cute, less bulky and convenient.  Sometimes I buy the disposable liners, although they don't save you money because they cost just as much, if not more than regular disposables.  I love my washable liners though and the Charlie Banana diapers (from eBay) have been the best of the bunch!  No problems with leakage.  I haven't used any prefolds for awhile but they are definitely one of the more affordable options.  I use Charlie's soap for all of my diapers and it gets them very clean although it's not scented.  If my diapers start to get stinky a wash them for 2 or 3 cycles in really hot water or I buy some Funk Rock (by Rockin' Green) but it's expensive so I use it sparingly.  I use Woolzies dryer balls in the dryer, too, to speed up dry time but now that it's getting nicer out I'd like to start hanging the diapers out to dry so they'll last longer.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!  Also, kellyscloset.com is a great resource for cloth diaper info and instructions. :)
  • Thank you so much for the help. I've been using them for about a month now.  I got a bunch of prefolds and I hate them.  They're so bulky but I also have a bunch of the flip inserts and blueberry covers which I like a lot.  I'm hoping I can return the prefolds or sell them and be able to buy more flip inserts since I don't use the prefolds at all and now I'm doing laundry every other day. 
  • I haven't sold on clothdiapertrader.com but I bought from two different sellers on there with good results.  Once my LO gets bigger, I'll need to go up a size so I'll be checking them out again.  All you need is a paypal account to buy/sell.  
  • haven't been on here in forever, we use cloth diapers. a facebook group called Fluff Love & CD Science helped me out a lot when i was learning about cloth diapers, they also have a website called fluff love university
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