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Baby eczema

Any littles have eczema? Mine just broke out in patches Saturday. I'm terrified it will become chronic like seems to be the case with most eczema. I got a little crazy feeding him table food. I think it was pineapple he reacted to but not positive. He had two different reactions. The first looked like a scratch on his leg. Wasn't until it didn't go away that I realized it must've been an allergic reaction. Second was the eczema patches. Now I'm cutting way back hoping that fixes things. I feel like a horrible mom!!

Re: Baby eczema

  • My daughter just had some patches show up on her eye lids.. Don't know if it's eczema or not. I have psoriasis so I am praying that is not what it is. I didn't know different foods could exacerbate eczema????
  • My little one got some on his back
    About a month ago and it comes and goes. Their skin is so sensitive. My dr recommends aquaphor.
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  • Yes my 19 month old has it. She gets irritated as well by certain foods.
    We took her to the doc and she now has a prescribed cream. It's a huge tub of it, and after my insurance it was only $10. I don't know if she will ever grow out of it but for now we just put on the cream as she itches. As the above poster said, aquaphor works just fine too.

    Don't feel bad about it. Just take baby to the doc to double check. In the mean time get the aquaphor.

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  • Eczema is a pain in the butt! But it should get better as the humidity increases with the warm weather!
  • @TexasGirl81 that was wise advice! I'm just now checking back in here, but I did end up taking him to the doc Thursday before we went out of town the next day. Turns out the rash is a fungus not eczema like I thought. She said not contagious. She recommended Lotrimin which I've been putting on with bandaids over to keep from getting the creme all over. Started to look way better then he started to react to the bandaids so I tried long sleeves, now the rash looks the same as before. Non latex bandaids are my next move even though I tried to make sure the first bandaids were ok by getting the fabric ones! Thanks for all the input.
  • My daughter had eczema. We received a prescription from her doctor but it didn't really help. I started mixing Cetaphil lotion with a dab of castor oil on her skin and it works like a charm. Cleared it right up.
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  • Yes and it's a pain! We use Aquaphir and hydrolatum (get behind pharmacy). He got sick this week and had I think a fever rash and it got so much worse we had to get a steroid cream. Also use hydrocortisone to treat bad spots
  • DS has eczema. But turns out he's allergic to rice. At least that's what we are 99% sure of. Rice Cereal freaked his face out within 20 minutes. Then we started giving him some puffs a couple weeks ago, turns out they have rice flour in them, which explained why his eczema flared up. So no more puffs either. I didn't even think to check the jars of baby food! Almost all of the meats have rice flour! UGH!!!!! That would explain why he's scratching his head all of the time. I cut out any trace of rice/rice flour...head is completely clear! Man!! I'm very relieved that we got to the root of the issue though. Hoping he grows out of it eventually. So far with the heat (we're in Atlanta) his eczema hasn't flared up...I think the rice was the issue the whole time. 

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  • My girl has eczema and we hate it!! There is one patch on her arm we can not get rid and she scratches it constantly!
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