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I'm 36 weeks, and I finally have my first internal exam with the dr today. Im at least 1 cm dilated, possibly 2. But baby is already in head down position, so the head was blocking my cervix. Iron is a bit low. Had to get last minute bloodwork bc blood pressure has been borderline high last few appts. And there was protein in my urine sample, so they're also checking for preeclampsia. If I do have preeclampsia, then I was be induced at 37 weeks, which is next week! If not preeclampsia but blood pressure remains high, then will be induced 38-39 weeks. I now have to collect my pee for 24 hours, and come back on Thurs to check for protein in that pee sample, get my blood pressure taken, and draw more blood again... Dr was concerned also that I had a headache on Sunday. Headaches, swelling of extremities, protein in urine, and high blood pressure are symptoms of preeclampsia.
Has anyone ever been diagnosed with preeclampsia before?
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Re: Preeclampsia?

  • I'm 28 weeks and also have high blood pressure. I complained of a headache one day and that started a whirlwind. I too, have had to do the 24 collection (oh the things you do when pregnant). Luckily no protein, yet. My blood work came back fine as well. My doc said that having the high bp so early means preeclampsia is almost a given. So, we're hoping we can get to 36 weeks. Fingers are crossed each week when I get checked up on. Sounds like you are far enough along that even in the worst case scenario your little one will be far enough along to be healthy. Only thing I'm worried about is how induction may change my birth plan.
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    Thank you for sharing, @rrroy13 . Best of luck to you!
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  • I had preeclampsia with my first baby girl. And started showing signs with this pregnancy as well. I delivered my daughter at 38 weeks 5 days and she was 9.1lbs perfectly healthy. I was so severely anemic before having my c section and had blood transfusions through pregnancy then blacked out for the first 3 days in the hospital. Hoping things are easier this time around. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes which I read could also cause preeclampsia. 
    Good luck to you! I hope you do not get it. 

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