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Seraphina vs. Serafina


I'm only 5 weeks on but have loved names for a long time. I like Seraphina and DH is somewhat on board, especially with the nickname Phi or Fi. Which leads me to my question: if we are planning on nicknaming her (should we have a her) Phi/Fi, should it match the spelling of the full name? I prefer Seraphina, but am worried that Phi would be pronounced so that it rhymes with dye and not fee. Thoughts?

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Re: Seraphina vs. Serafina

  • Either works for me and if you don't want to match the spelling I think it's okay. But I think phi pronounced as fee is cute and it didn't confuse me I think Fi sounds more link it rhymes with dye
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  • Thank you for the help! 
    "Good for her! Not for me." - Amy Poehler

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  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Either one. I like the look of seraphina more.
  • I would go with Seraphina. It just seems like the more common spelling to me, which just makes life easier. I think Phi is fine.
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    I would go with the full name spelling that you prefer since that will be used so much more often on paper and such, nick names don't get spelled out all that often and you will be the ones to influence the spelling and pronunciation to everyone when the time comes anyways
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