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Tips to get toddler back in the house

I have a 2 yr old and 5 month old.  I normally wear the 5 month old when we go outside to play.  Any tips on how to make it easier to get my 2 year old back in the house after playing.   I have tried it's time for a snack/drink , freeze pops.  It is just hard to pick up a screaming Toddler while caring a baby.  Plus its 50lbs(combined) and up a hill lol TIA

Re: Tips to get toddler back in the house

  • I give DS a bunch of warnings before it's time to end a task that he's enjoying. Keep saying almost time to go in. We're going in now. Then I start counting. DS understands I mean business when I start counting.
  • I don't have the extra baby issue, but with my tot, I use the timer on my phone. When I'm serious about a 5 minute warning, I set the timer for 5 minutes and tell him I'm doing so, and then he usually rushes around doing everything he wants to do one last time, because he knows that when the song starts playing, the party is over and I mean business. I think it helps kids gain a sens pe of time, too, instead of hearing "just 5 more minutes" million times.
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