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New vent/Daycare.

I'm just full of it these days aren't I? lol 

So DD is 2 and she's in the school daycare.. same school DS goes to. The ladies that run that room are all pretty young.. most of them don't have kids. Anyways, so I just bought DD several new shirts from Old Navy. Nothing fancy.. just because almost all of her shirts are getting too short and don't really fit her well. She's growing so tall so fast! So I was really mad on Friday because I picked her up and they had her in some random spare shirt they had in their lost and found..  (even though I send spare clothes in her backpack every single week).  She apparently got a huge red paint splatch on her new shirt.  They had it in a bag but never rinsed it in cold water or anything. They showed me the bottle and it's washable.. I assumed it was. I threw it in the wash as soon as I got home.. nope.. won't come out.  So I emailed the director and said ya know could we maybe put the kids in smocks when they're going to paint? I would very gladly donate some of DS's old t-shirts that kids could wear over their clothes because she's ruined like 4 shirts in the last couple of weeks. 

She emails me back and says.. I know that it's difficult and I'm sorry.. but we use only washable products and I would suggest sending her in old clothes.  

Ok really? You mean the old clothes that don't actually fit her anymore? I mean it's not like I send her in fancy clothes to school. I am not that mom.  I send her in play clothes.. but still they're new clothes and she comes home all stained up and can't wear them out anywhere else because there's crap all over them now!  She said I could send some of Collin's clothes (my son) and they would put those on her.  I said yeah if they actually do it because I send her spare clothes every single week and yet they use the clothes from the lost and found every single time. 

Then I mentioned.. do you think they could maybe run the shirts under cold water so that the chances of that coming out would be better because I'm shouting them and putting them in the wash immediately and it's not coming out. 

I felt the same way on picture day last year when my son was in preschool and they had kids painting before picture time and he got paint all over his arms.. had it on his face.  They never even wiped his face off or anything.. just sent him on his way for pictures. 

I get that kids are kids but come on now.. have some common sense.. 

Ok.. vent over.. sorry ladies.. had to get that one out. 
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Re: New vent/Daycare.

  • Yes, we ran into that too when my DD was in daycare. I am a type A personality and I can not send my kids out in old stained clothes. Most are second hand and cheap, but not stained. If an items came back stained that I could not get out I would toss it. That is just me. I would get so frustrated with stained clothes. However, we were told the same thing.

    Have you tried oxiclean? My fall back is Fels Naptha. That gold bar seems to get almost every stain out. I would rub it on and let it soak over night then toss it in the machine.
  • That is crazy, and I am a K-1 teacher who teaches kids with special needs.  We ALWAYS use smocks (usually just adult t-shirts) and make sure sleeves are up when we do any kind of painting activities.  It really isn't hard to get adults to donate old t-shirts to schools, and they work very well as smocks.  

    We also use "washable" products, but we all know that that doesn't always mean what it's supposed to mean.  I think the director should have been a little more understanding of your concerns.  I can't believe you're the only parent that has said something about this.

    And we would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER do painting or any kind of art project on picture day.  What in the heck were they thinking?  Omg.  

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  • niknak1208niknak1208 member
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    I am glad you agree with me! I was like am I being unreasonable? Am I that pain in the arse mom that won't stop complaining?? I didn't think so. I'm glad you ladies don't think so. lol  

    I have tried oxi.. actually i think that's what I have at home right now. I have not tried Fels Naptha. I have heard that it works though! I should try it! Does it work well on grease too? DH always gets grease stains on his shirts. I was using goo gone.. the oil stuff that comes in a bottle.. that takes it out too.  

    it just frustrates me! I mean I don't send her to school in tutu's and fancy shirts but geesh.. I would still like to be able to use the clothes she has. I was really bummed too because it was a cute little t-shirt that got ruined.  My DD is definitely a girly girl.. she likes shoes and purses and dresses.. but she doesn't like to be fussed with too much in the morning so on school days I usually can't get her to wear anything too fancy and she never ever lets me do a darn thing with her hair! lol No bows.. no pony's.. even if she says yes initially.. she just rips it out in the car.  

    and I totally complained about the picture day last year too. lol I said hey can you guys try to wipe them off if you're going to allow them to do arts before pictures?  It was literally up and down his arms.. on his cheeks.. everywhere. 
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  • I hear ya, it does get frustrating! DS sometimes comes home with someone else's shirt even though I send extra clothes everyday, I still haven't figured out how that happens but it drives me nuts!!

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  • Get a bottle of Lestoil...put it on oil stains...takes them right out!  I can't buy it locally, but you can get it on Amazon.
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  • thats so let kids that little paint without anything over their clothes!  Seriously.  I would be furious. 

    And sorry but that is hilarious...but not in a good way!...they let kids PAINT before pictures????  Really?  Its not like kids might wear something nice on picture day...and to not even wipe their faces!!! strange
  • I know right?!!  When I picked up my 2 yr old yesterday.. one of the teachers said hey she did get a little messy with eggs today but we had some play smocks so I put one of those on her.  So I'm sure the director talked to her about it and I said ya know I'm really not trying to be that pain in the butt mom complaining about things. I really do realize that little kids get messy.  But it's not like I send her to daycare in tutu's and tiara's .. I send her in tops and bottoms. that's it.. nothing fancy.. nothing super expensive.. but that doesn't mean that I want every single shirt to come home stained because then I feel like I can't take her to Target in those clothes ya know!! I don't like to put my kids in stained clothes if we're going somewhere. I don't care if they're playing in the backyard or something but I'm not going to go out to dinner or run to the mall with my kids in stained clothes.  I also don't want to have to have a daycare stock of clothes either.  I'm quite sure if they asked parents to donate old t-shirts.. no one would have an issue with that!  

    Soo I told her that I have a ton of old shirts of her brothers that I can send in and all the kids can wear them... I don't care.

    And picture day.. seriously.. that one really got me. I mean you should have seen him!! He had green marker up and down his arms. Green marker on his cheek, his chin, and his nose!  I don't usually purchase a ton of school pictures but I still like to buy them just to have and I usually give them out to just grandparents.  DH was even mad about that one.  
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