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Pasteurized vs cultured

What is the difference? Are things that are strictly cultured (sour cream, buttermilk, some yogurts) off limits? Sour cream doesn't say the cream is pasteurized (at least not the ones I've seen) and neither does buttermilk, so I was very confused! I've been sticking with Yoplait yogurt as it is pasturized and cultured. But I needed greek yogurt for a recipe and some brands said pasturized cultured cream on the ingredients and some just said cultured. :/ Is there a real difference or is cultured cream just as safe?

Re: Pasteurized vs cultured

  • If you look at ingredients label most products will say "pasteurized skim milk" , or "pasteurized grade a cream". I know, for example, Daisy sour cream doesn't say on the package but website confirms products are pasturized. Just do research if you find a product that doesn't say on label. Cultured doesn't necessarily mean pasturized.
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