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Glucose test

did anyone else break out after the test? Omg my skin is horrible. I have acne bumps all on my forehead and some bumps on my cheeks

Re: Glucose test

  • No, but I passed out and threw up after mine
  • I threw up during mine today! I never want to go thru that again!
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  • No but I felt really light headed after drinking that drink.
  • I have to do one in 3 weeks....now I'm nervous :(
  • I also have mine scheduled for next week and am nervous
  • I threw up last time and doc said to do jelly beans instead. Not even attempting to drink that stuff again. We have an alternative "jelly bean test" that works the same way and much easier for me
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  • I felt like I was going to pass out and was nauseous until I took something for it and laid down. I do have some acne type bumps today but never thought out could be related...this is my first breakout
  • No issues for me.  Good luck to the ladies who still have to take it.
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  • I'm just nervous because I'm rh- and have to go get a rohgram * (idk if I spelled that right) shot a week after . :-S
  • I took mine yesterday morning. I felt like I was going to puke for about 2 hours after I drank thr glucola, but no breakouts.
  • I'm doing mine Friday. I am now even more freaking terrified. Lol.
  • My OB told me I don't have to fast, but I can't eat an hour prior to going. I was thinking of going first thing Friday morning. Is it better to go on an empty stomach to do it, or eat, wait the hour and then go?


    I'm trying to avoid testing positive, as well as feeling lightheaded or ill. I don't want my last Friday with DH before he goes away to be shitcanned.

  • Sitting in mine right now. I got kinda nauseous about 20-30 minutes in but at feeling better at 40 minutes in. It's giving me heartburn though, surprise surprise.
    That lame nurse didn't even give me an option and gave me the lemon line drink.
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  • I think I had to much sugar in a week .. Did my test in Wednesday did not pass i was over by 20 points then I went back on Friday and thank god I passed those three hours sucked the last 30 mins before I hit the third hour I didn't think I was going to make it.. My face just blew up on Saturday.. I have occasional break outs but man my forehead is horrible and I have been eating really healthy so I blame it on the glucose test the bumps as I call them are going away but not fast enough for this mama
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    Just finished mine. I got a headache and dizzy for a little while after drinking it but I'm not sure if that's secondary to the drink or the fact that I had to fast for 12 hrs beforehand. I break out as it is so I can't comment on acne, but hopefully it doesn't get any worse lol.
  • I get to go on my birthday ... Next week. Fun fun. I get sick every single time. Fail the 1 hour and end up passing the 3. :( I wanted them just to send me for the 3 to get it over with.
  • Know what since you mentioned it, with my last pregnancy I had to do the 3 hour one and afterwards broke out in a rash all the right side of my face.  I just assumed I came in contact with something to get the rash but maybe it was the drink that time, but I've taken it two other times with no rash. 

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  • I had min yesterday. My dr office does a 2 hr test instead of the one and three hr. I got nauseous right after drinking it but it only lasted about 30min. I didn't break out from it, but it did give me the runs :/

    For anyone who has taken it yet, I was told that chugging it down fast instead of sipping can help lessen the nausea.
  • I'm just nervous because I'm rh- and have to go get a rohgram * (idk if I spelled that right) shot a week after . :-S

    Me too its not bad at all iv already had 2 of them this pregnancy
  • When I did mine they made me have it completely gone in 5 min is that what they made all of you do? I think if I didnt have to drink it so fast it wouldn't have been as bad.
  • I chug mine cause I had to make my apt. Now just waiting for results.
  • I was told to drink it within two minutes and the test would be rescheduled for another day if I threw any of it up. Thankfully, I kinda liked it. It tasted like a slightly sweeter version of orange crush that went flat. The fact that it was cold might have helped. Apparently some people get the pleasure of drinking it room temp.
  • I did not pass the first one so I had to do the 3 hour test and couldn’t finished it, I threw up before the first hour, so I had to reschedule and I also got a lot of red dots all over my face.
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