I'm 18 weeks, is it normal that I have yet to feel any kicks? — The Bump
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I'm 18 weeks, is it normal that I have yet to feel any kicks?

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  • I'm 18 weeks and don't feel anything either. Give it some time :)
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  • I'm at 20 weeks and haven't felt anything yet. My doctor said it's normal to not feel anything and that it could be up to 24 weeks until you feel movement...so I'm not going to worry yet! :)
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  • I'm 21w2d and I just started my feeling movement on Friday at 20w6d. My OB also said that it's normal to not feel anything before 24 weeks, especially during a first pregnancy.
  • 18 weeks and 3 days, still not felt anything! I was starting to worry but then realised how many other people also haven't felt anything yet. Staying calm now, I think I'm just impatient!!! Can't wait!!! X
  • 18 weeks 4 days and not felt anything yet. Desperate too though because still feeling really detached from the whole thing. Hopefully not too much longer.
  • im 21 weeks and feel movement almost every night if Im sittin during the day shes moving alot but she has lazy days too :)
  • 18wks 1d and no real movement yet for me.  I keep thinking I feel something but realize it is probably just gas cramps or something.  I am super impatient and hope that feeling that movement will make me feel more connected to my little girl.
  • I started feeling movement when I was 12 weeks! Try to sleep on ur side. Get some blood flow going for you and ur baby. I drink tons of water really cold and walk 45 minutes a day to get my blood circulation.
  • I'm almost 20 weeks and still nothing. I was told at my 1st US that I have a "tilted uterus" and I probably wouldn't feel any movement till at least 20 weeks.
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