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Tossing around ideas...

We've just begun making lists and determining what we like.

DD is Madelyn Quinn.

Girls (mn will be Paige- significance to us):

Boys (mn will be Gerald- family significance):

Thoughts/preferences/suggestions? TIA!
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Re: Tossing around ideas...

  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Laurel and Elijah

    Only one I don't like is Maisy.
  • ==N====N==
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    Isla and Simon.

    They're all pretty good names though, the only one i dont like is Maisy.

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  • Laurel Paige
    Juliet Paige

    Simon Gerald
    Atticus Gerald
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  • I love your names!! I may a minority but I like Maisy. I also really like Willow. Atticus was high on our list for boys and I love it. It's a strong moral name in my opinion. In fact all your boy names were on my list. We are going with Chase Duncan but of course now you have me second guessing LOL We are using Duncan as a middle name as it was my grandfather's middle name. Had it been a girl it would have been Edith after my mother who passed away in February. 
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  • Girls (mn will be Paige- significance to us):
    Maisy- toss
    Willow- toss
    Juliet- love
    Isla- love
    Laurel- like
    Eliza- LOVE
    I would go with Eliza Paige or Juliet Paige.

    Boys (mn will be Gerald- family significance):
    Atticus- like
    Simon- like
    Elijah- like, but prefer Elias
    I would go with Elias Gerald.

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  • Maisy- hell no
    Willow- love

    Elijah-not a fan

  • Sassenach1743Sassenach1743
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    Eliza Paige or Atticus Gerald.

    Loved all of your choices (except Maisy) but feel that Eliza or Atticus will pair best in a sib set with Madelyn. Also love the previous suggestion of Elias Gerald. Elias has a similar sound to Elijah but without the 'J' sound against the 'G' sound of Gerald...flows much better.
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  • Lots of love for Laurel and Juliet. I also like Simon and Atticus Gerald
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  • I like Isla, Juliet, and Willow. All great names and work well with Madelyn.

    I like Elijah. Simon still just feels nerdy to me, and Atticus is very trendy/hipster.
  • Thanks for the input! Atticus is my top choice for a boy, and DH is mostly on board. I actually like Elias, however, I'm a teacher and had an Elias that was kind of a pain in the tush, so I'm kind of steering clear of that association.

    The girls names are completely undecided, so all of this input is greatly appreciated! I'm a little concerned with the rising popularity of Isla. I know of one baby Isla and one Ayla (pronounced the same) so that one is likely going to be tossed.
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  • Toss Maisy, willow is eh the rest are great
    Love all the boys names
  • Girls: Laurel and Isla.

    Boy: ATTICUS!!!  It was on my list and DH vetoed it.

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  • Love Laurel, Eliza, and Simon. They are all on my lists.
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  • Girl:

    Maisy Paige sounds far too "rhyme-y" and childish to me as a combination, but I have nothing against the names. I think Maisy would need a stronger mn though.
    Willow - I don't think it flows very well with Paige, pretty name though.
    Juliet - LOVE the name, but again I don't think it flows with Paige.
    Isla - good.
    Laurel - sounds okay with Paige.
    Eliza - good. Not a personal fan of Eliza as a stand alone name, but it works with Paige.


    I like all of your choices a lot. Personally I think Simon Gerald flows better than the other two, but I've got a total weakness for Atticus. :)
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  • Juliet Paige and Elijah Gerald

  • Laurel or Eliza. Both sound great with Paige. Simon for a boy.
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  • Willow and Simon get my vote!

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  • LNic5LNic5
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    I think Isla Paige goes with your daughters name really well. For a boy I'd pick Elijah
  • I like Simon, Laurel and Isla best. All are pretty good.
  • I'm an ex-English teacher so I'm biased! Juliet and Atticus jump to the top of the list for me :) Now I need to go read Shakespeare and To Kill a Mockingbird!
  • Eliza Paige and Juliet Paige sound nice. I also like Elijah Gerald and Atticus Gerald. Best wishes!
  • Kate0034Kate0034
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    I love both Laurel and Eliza, but I think Eliza is best in sibset. It pairs nicely with Madelyn.

    For a boy, I really like Elijah. I also like Elias and Ezra. As PP stated, Atticus is way too hipster for me. It went from "that guy in TKAMB" to trendy wayyyy too fast. Good name, yes, and the trendy thing may not bother you.. If not, go for it! It pairs well with Madelyn and MN Gerald.
  • I'm really leaning toward Laurel for a girl, but hubby is still on the fence. Still feeling torn between Simon and Atticus...the trendiness is definitely a factor. I'm a preschool teacher and in my 8 years, I've only met one Atticus, and he would be about 15 these days.
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