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Which girl name do you think sounds prettier...Saoirse or Keva?

I like the Irish name Saoirse pronounced (Sair-sha) and I like the Hindu name NOT Irish name Keva pronounced (Kev-a). Please tell me which one you think "sounds" prettier? I'm not concerned with the spelling and pronunciation as I know they both are challenging. I love them both enough to overlook that. Thank you very much everyone!

Re: Which girl name do you think sounds prettier...Saoirse or Keva?

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    Saoirse > Keva
    Caiomhe > Keva

    ETA: Saiorse is pronounced seer-sha not sair-sha.
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  • Saorise.
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    Saorise pronounced sear-sha
  • It's pronounced BOTH ways. My friend lives in Ireland and her daughters name is Saoirse, this is the way she pronounces it. It's a dialect thing and depends on whether you live in north or south of Ireland.
  • Saoirse, like the word (air) here's an audio link pronouncing Saoirse.
  • Not that anyone "owns" a name, but even if she's half way across the world, I wouldn't choose the same name that a close friend has already used for a child.

    I think you should keep looking.
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  • saoirse is amazing!

  • Saoirse is lovely. Both pronunciations sound nice to my ear and I understand about the dialect variation based on region. I'm curious which is from the North, and which from the South? 

    Keva is okay, but not nearly as nice as Saoirse. 
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  • Saoirse is much prettier than Keva.
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  • Saoirse is pretty and I think it's fine that you and your friend have DD's with the same name...in the 80's and 90's friends still named their DD's Jennifer. Granted, Jennifer is common and it *kinda* looks like you stole your friend's name, if you two aren't SUPER close where the issue would eventually arise, then whatever, go for it.  If you or hubby are Irish, then forget that last part and go for it.  Keva sounds a bit like a name for a Husky or Malamute.
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  • She's NOT a close friend at all. She was a co-worker. Whom I only knew for a shirt time and hardly ever worked with. I pride myself on being original. I would never "steal" a name and actually asked her if she would be offended even though we aren't close friends. I wouldn't be upset if it were the other way around. We don't even live in the same country now. I think it's childish to feel that way.
  • *short time
  • Btw, I appreciate your thoughts and understand your point. Although I disagree because we aren't close I still wanted a name that no one I knew had but I LOVE the name. I loved it before I ever met my co-worker and thankfully she's not petty and said she would be honored if I also named my daughter Saoirse. In the end I'm going to follow my heart on this. I'll regret my decision later if I do not.
  • Thanks everyone! This was helpful to get different perspectives. Saoirse has always been my favorite name for many years just was a lil worried about her having problems w/people pronouncing it but I love the name too much and believe it won't be that big of a deal. Also, my fiancé actually doesn't care for Keva and prefers Saoirse as well. His name is Kevin and a friend suggested Keva, at first I didn't like it at all for a 1st name but then I started to really like it and thought it may present less of a pronunciation issue. Anyway, I may use it as the middle name but not sure yet. I'm sure I'll end up following my ❤️ and naming her Saoirse! Thx again!
  • Wow girl, all I said was I personally wouldn't use a name a close friend had already used, not that you were Boring McUnoriginal for doing so. Projecting much?

    Saoirse is a lovely name, you don't have to be so defensive about it.
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  • I'm sorry but I'm totally flummoxed by these irish names people love on this board. They are impossible to pronounce, most people out there are not going to know how to say it.

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  • I LOVE the name Saoirse; it's on our short list!
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  • @pinksandbermuda It's not like you can't tell people how to pronounce a name. I don't see the big deal. Stephen is pronounced like Steven, and people still manage to mess that up. It also depends on where you live. Saoirse is becoming more popular thanks to Saoirse Ronan, and more people are familiar with it than you think.
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