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Fetal Monitoring, twice a week, 34 weeks to delivery?!?

My dr just told me that baby will be monitored, twice a week, from 34 weeks to delivery. Anyone else doing this? She said it was standard for anyone 37 and older. And that monitoring will primarily consist of listening to the heartbeat and checking for contractions for 30minutes a session.

34 weeks seems so early to monitor twice a week.

Re: Fetal Monitoring, twice a week, 34 weeks to delivery?!?

  • My OB said they will be doing non-stress tests at least every week the last couple of months. I had them done twice a week from 24 weeks until I delivered at 33.5 with my twins. So boring!


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  • Wow! I'm 41 and will be 38 weeks tomorrow but haven't had to do that.
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  • As far as I know I will have to go weekly at / after 35 weeks unless I have problems beforehand. They have not discussed it with me yet as far as deviating from their standard schedule because of my age (I am 37 and at 28 weeks)
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  • I did it for 7 weeks last time around and I was 35!
  • I had to do that and for the last 2-3 weeks had to go twice a week, my Dr tends to be very conservative and since it was my first pregnancy didn't want to take chances. Not gonna lie, it was tough to take that extra time away from work, but sometimes I did get to take a nap! They also monitored my fluid levels at those appts. This time around I may ask her to push it out for a few weeks...

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  • I'm 37 and I'm technically considered high risk because of a late loss in 2011.  So i go weekly for injections and every 2 weeks for OB appointments. My OB hasn't said anything about NST's or watching contractions. I did have NST's all the time with my last pregnancy. Personally, I would love an NST. Anytime they want to give me one.. I'm game. Sit me on a soft bed for 30 minutes in a dimly lit room with juice and magazines.. I'll take it. lol  That's probably the only break I get!
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  • I have been to 3 different dr practices since I was "older" (beyond 35) during pregnancies.  None have ever monitored me like that.  Actually I have had no difference in care since I was 24 vs 42!  Same number of appointments no difference in monitoring etc. 

    The only time I have ever had nonstress test was once I go past my due date they will do them once a week. 

    Now all my pregnancies have been totally problem free, issue free so that may be the difference.  The baby was always happy and I was healthy.  Perhaps if there was an issue or even borderline issue (higher bp, etc) then things would be different.
  • I am 37, and my OB hasn't mentioned anything about monitoring twice a week like that.  Do you have any risk factors other than age that might be prompting him to recommend the extra monitoring?
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  • I am 40 and found out yesterday that I will be going once a week from 32 weeks through delivery for ultrasounds and monitoring on top of my regular check up. The midwife said they will be watching to make sure baby is making fine motor movements, practicing breathing, and they will monitor his heart rate among other things. I was expecting to go for a checkup every week, but was not expecting all that. Glad I will get to see my little guy, through. They haven't mentioned going to twice per week at any point... yet.
  • I had high Inhibin A levels with my first pregnancy so had weekly NSTs for the last few weeks since that condition put me at higher risk for IUGR and preterm birth. In addition to weekly prenatal visits, so I was going twice a week. DD was totally healthy and I went into labor a week before her due date.

    This pregnancy I'm following the usual schedule of prenatal visits at this point and no plans for NSTs. I start weekly visits at 36 weeks.
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  • So strange, twice a week NSTs do not sound standard. I have no other risk factors except for age :/ It is pretty much a text book pregnancy.

    Of course, I'll be going to the appointments, it is just hard because I'll be bringing my 2 preschoolers too.
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