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Hold breast while breastfeeding?

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My baby will only breastfeed at night for some reason. I've struggled with breastfeeding since the beginning. My baby sleeps with me and I thought it would be great and I would get more sleep that way but it has turned into a nightmare. She wants to nurse all night but her latch is terrible. In order to get anywhere near a normal latch I have to hold my breast and if I let go most of my breast will come out of her mouth and she ends up sucking mostly on the tip of my nipple which hurts like crazy. So instead of getting more sleep I get very little because I have to be wide awake in order to continue to hold my breast and keep it in her mouth. Has anyone else experienced this? My boobs are C's, I didn't think that was super huge or anything but maybe they are just to big for her mouth? My baby is 6 months btw...help!!!

Re: Hold breast while breastfeeding?

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    Have you tried to see a lactation consultant. I did and it helped a ton, they might be able to figure out what's going on. I don't think it's the size of your breast, I am an F and I don't have problem with her keeping my breast in her mouth. But who knows, every baby is different.

    I would try to make the night feedings short and the daytime feedings longer. When you try to nurse during the day, see if doing it in a dark space, like a closet, helps. The idea is to mimic the nighttime and then gradually introduce day time like stimuli. Hopefully she will get the idea of nursing in the day is great because she get to nurse longer.

    Also, she if you can get her to sleep in her crib in your room. So she is close but not on you so you can sleep. This will be hard at first but wil be well worth it in the long run.

    Good luck! I hope it all works out sooner than later.
  • I also have to support my breast because it becomes to heavy when filled with milk causing my baby to have difficulty staying latched properly. He actually is starting to hold my breatvhimself now but maybe try a different feeding position? Cross cradle works well for us.
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  • Go see a lactation consultant :)
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