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Hello everyone! I wanted to ask what people thought about the feminine name Timea (also spelled Timéa or Tímea).

It's pronounced "tee-may-uh" but I would generally prefer "tim-ay-uh".

I really like the sound of it and wanted to know how people felt about it, and if anyone knew any Timeas.

Re: Timea

  • I know no one with that name. 

    It's not my style.
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  • I would have pronounced it tah-me-ah. I think she will forever be telling people how to say/spell it.
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  • Haven't heard it. Not really my style either. But, Timaya is how I would spell it For the way you'd like it pronounced.
  • Teacher here, and if I saw that name on my roster I would say "Tim-ay-uh"
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  • Interesting name. Had to look this one up, as I've never heard of it. Not my style, but not terrible. Pronunciation will be confusing to most but if you don't mind correcting people then use it.
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  • Not a fan. As a child with a unique name, it gets really old very fast to correct people on your name. 
  • I thought Tim-ee-uh.

  • I recently met one, she pronounces it Tim-ee-ah. Not my style but it works for her
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    Never heard of it and don't like the sound of it. I would have pronounced it Tim-ee-uh.
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