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What should I wear for my waterbirth?

I'm due for a waterbirth  at a birthing center. Only my husband and my parents, along with two midwives, will be in there with me. I'll be in the pool most of the time, but will probably get out for a prayer circle. My question is what should I wear? I know it's up to me, but I could use some ideas.

Re: What should I wear for my waterbirth?

  • I always end up stark naked, but I assume you're thinking of keeping things a little modest.

    I would consider:
    - a sports bra/ bikini top/maternity tankini top for the top half.
    - a skirt/wrap for the bottom half. It will float up in the water but allow you to get in and out of the water with modesty.

    Or someone could hand you a robe/ long t-shirt/nightie/wrap/sarong when you get out of the water. 

    Although it may work out that people form a prayer circle around you while you're in the water. Most tub set ups I've seen have had easy access on all sides of the tub, which would allow people to be close/hold hands/touch you but mean you could stay in the water if you feel that's where you want to be.

    I can't really think of any other clothing options. Best wishes to you.
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  • I wore a non-maternity black short-sleeved baby tee so my breasts were covered but my belly was not covered or restricted which didn't feel good. I did not wear anything on the bottom, but I did have a dark-colored, knee-length cotton skirt on hand. Ditto to PP about having people come around the tub rather than you getting out.
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  • I wore a maternity tankini that covered my chest and my belly. It flowed in the water and helped me feel more covered. I had a photographer present and didn't want anything showing. I felt very comfortable. 
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  • I wore just a bikini top then after birth it comes off anyhow to feed baby and I ended up naked.
  • Bikini top. Although for DD2 I made the mistake of wearing a white one (what was I thinking?) so it got trashed.

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