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question about paci and sleep

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Is it common for paci-dependent LO to wake up during the night for it?  DD needs her paci to soothe herself to sleep, but I wasn't sure if this is a phase because she moves all around her crib now or teething?  Obviously, I just give her the paci and she eventually falls back asleep.  Just curious on what others did.  My first DD found her thumb at 3m, which made nights very easy for me then.
Oh, and she's 6.5m now
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Re: question about paci and sleep

  • DD always would wake up & look for it. Every baby is different. DS refused a pacifier.

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  • If my DS wakes up at night, then he'll feel around for it and pop it back in.  He won't take a paci during the day, just for naps and to sleep.  If the paci can't be found, snuggles work just as well.  It's normal.
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  • DS is a thumb sucker now, but used to use pacis. It's completely normal for them to wake up and search for it!
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  • DS is 7 months and sleeps with a paci. If it pops out he finds it and puts it back in. The only time he has trouble is when it's under him and he can't get to it - those are usually the rare occurences that he wakes me up and I have to find it and help him out.




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    DD is 6.5m too and she doesn't always wake up to look for her paci. If she does it's usually earlier in the night before she's really sound asleep. Occasionally she wakes up at night because she bumped her head on the side of the crib while turning around in her sleep, and we give her the paci since it helps soothe her back to sleep.
  • It's normal and helpful too until they learn to self soothe and fall back asleep on their own (with parental assistance).
  • Charlotte is 8mo and she is a bit of a drama queen :) She's really hit or miss. Sometimes the paci falls out and she doesn't even care...or she'll find it herself. Sometimes she screams as if its the end of the world. I go in, pop it back in, and shes asleep in seconds.
  • My baby's needs changes every night. Sometimes he will put a paci in his own mouth, sometimes he will sleep without it, and sometimes I have to go in there and put it in his mouth for him. My kid is like all babies put into one! lol
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