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Is it normal ? Help!

i was wondering if it's normal for my 5 months old son to have his both leg fold like frog leg. When I put him down his leg with stay like frog leg I have to pull it slowly to make it straight again sometime when I change his diaper he would bend his leg like frog leg n stayed like that while I change him . When I'm done I have to position his legs straight again. I release from the age of 4 months he has been doing that . I was wondering why ? Is this normal for my son or I'm just paranoid about it !

Re: Is it normal ? Help!

  • I'm no expert, but I think it's normal. My son still has his legs bent like that a lot. I'm assuming you mean when you lay him down on his back, his legs are bent, with his knees facing outward and the bottoms of his feet somewhat together. I think it's just from being scrunched up in the womb for so long. They'll stretch out eventually.
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  • RuenaRuena member
    I have often heard that when wrapped babies need to be able to have their legs frog legged. It's the best position for hip development. So I'm guessing it's fine. But chat to your MHCN or GP if you're concerned.
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  • I can't even understand what you are asking. Is this English?
  • I would say that is pretty normal.  My LO does this all time she even grabs her feet.  During diaper changes when she does if her leg is in the way I just say "Hey can you move your leg?"  then she will either smile or laugh at me and eventually move her leg out of the way. 

    If it worries you to much maybe see if there is any kind of stretches or exericises you can do with LO to help from keeping them be frogged leg.


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