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Pregnant Again!

I haven't posted in a long time, but I could really use some moral support....just took a's positive! We weren't exactly trying...I was still trying to get regular on birth control and periods so I'm not totally surprised...but still in shock! It took 3 years of trying for my first September 14 baby so I did not see this coming! And of course my mind jumps to all of the challenges and negatives which I feel guilty about. I know every baby is a blessing, I was just thinking this blessing would be happening next year! Is anyone else expecting another so soon or do any of you have babies super close in age that could offer words or encouragement? Thanks ladies! 
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Re: Pregnant Again!

  • First off, congrats!!! So exciting!!! Second, I know one other person on this board is also expecting but too tired to look for the thread :). I was expecting it to take much longer to get pregnant with my first so I can relate to your anxiety and challenges. But life happens as it wants to and you'll make everything work! Just take it one day at a time. I know a lot of friends loved having their babies close together because you get diapers out of the way quickly! And many more positives ;).
  • I'm not pregnant but had my DS when dd was 17 months . It's exhausting and challenging but it eventually gets easier and your LOs will grow to be so close! By the way congrats :)
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  • Congrats... I am also pregnant... Not planning but not preventing either
  • Two of mine are 13 months apart obviously with the youngest being around 6 months. This gave me 3 under 3 by 2 months. In the beginning, there were a lot of hard days and there are still but they are much more manageable. I don't have any family nearby to help. My DH is self-employed so he went back to work the next day after my c-sections. With that said, I have obviously let some things go sometimes (read my house is a disaster right now because the stomach bug is making its way through). You'll make it and love it. Watching the sibling relationships form between my kids has been amazing and I think it will be a lot of fun that they are so close in age. The hardest part for me has been naptimes. I rarely luck out and get them all asleep at the same time but when I do, I either go in turbo mode getting things done or I watch trash on tv. (The latter usually wins.)

    With all of that said, congratulations!! It will be a lot of fun and you'll be getting asked if they are twins in no time.
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  • @andthatmakes4 Thank you so much! It helps so much to hear about others experiences. I was in total shock at first, but it's getting exciting now. I figure, we wanted another child so whenever it happens, it happens. I'm sure no matter what age your first is, there are challenges when having the second, and so on. Just a different set of challenges. It'll be so much fun for them to grow up that close in age. :) Thanks everyone for your comments! 
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  • I know it's overwhelming to think about, so try to do yourself a favor and not overthink the specifics. Somehow, things work out and fall into place. My first was such a horrible sleeper, and when I found out I was pregnant with my second, I was in sleep deprived panic. But, a month or so before second baby, my first magically began sleeping solidly. You will get through this! Think of positives, like how close your kids will be. It's going to be great! Just take care of yourself as much as you can - drink plenty of water and rest when you can.
  • What you said is exactly right. No matter what age your first one is, there are always going to be challenges when having your second. My oldest just turned 2 last month and my younger one is almost 7 months old. I was very anxious at the thought of having two babies so close in age but it has been amazing! Yes it is challenging and exhausting but it is 10 times more rewarding. I'm very excited for you and wish you the best! Get ready to make some unforgettable memories
  • Congrats! I'm expecting too! Due end of October :D

  • Alessia87 said:

    Congrats... I am also pregnant... Not planning but not preventing either

    This exactly.. our next LO is due on NYE!! LO1 and LO2 will be 13 mo apart if LO2 cooperates. LO1 was 4w1d early so you never know :)
  • Congrats! We're expecting #2 as well! Our little ones will be about 15 months apart. I'm due on Christmas Eve!
  • Hi there!! I feel your anxiety- just found out we're expecting too! My LO is 8mo and I was nursing full time. Never had a period. We were told it's possible to get pregnant but we weren't going to prevent since it took my DH and I two years to conceive our first... Well what do you know I'm due first of November with our second boy and I'm beside myself! They will be 14mo apart. Besides me hoping they will be BFFs and sharing a room and old clothes and there will be all smiles, I know two babies, with NO family around is going to be more than a challenge... I'm just trying not to think about it and take one day of this blessed pregnancy at a time!
  • I haven't been back on this BMB in quite some time, but just wanted to chime in - I'm pregnant too!  Due late January... My kiddos will be 17 months apart.  Glad to know I'm not the only one -and I also have no family around...but we'll survive it! I'm thinking I'll just knock this pregnancy thing out all at once, right?  And then have two sweet babes who are BFFs.  doesn't sound too bad.


  • I am pregnant again too but we were trying. I wanted my babies close in age- for lots of reasons but mostly because I am 39 and I didn't want to wait much longer. My babies will be about 18 1/2 months apart. :)

    I am excited. And while you're nervous and a little overwhelmed right now, it will be great. I am a little overwhelmed right now too because my son has been much fussier lately. :-/

    Good luck!

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  • My DS was born on 9-5 & I'm currently 9w5d pregnant due February 2nd!!
    I felt the Exact same way you do!!! I still do, I have my moments where im kinda excited then I Look at DS & I'm kinda sad, & Pretty scared!!
  • Congrats!!!
  • Congrats! I am expecting again as well. I found out when my little one was six months old back in March. I was upset because I had to stop breastfeeding due to the fact it causes early labor. Every thing will be find.
  • I am due 3/7. My babies will be about 17 months apart. But it was planned for us because we are an older couple. I think it'll be great. Having them close in age will be good for their bond and you can get through diapers quickly. :) Best of luck. It is normal to be scared but congratulations!
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  • Mine are 20 months apart. I was trying but didn't expect it to happen so soon. Around 11 months I was getting sad that my daughter was growing out of her baby phase and felt ready. It sure was tough at first, but so cute seeing them interact and play now that he is almost 1 year. I really feel like they will be best buds. We've decided no more and got the vasectomy and I must admit I am getting sad, even though it was the right decision. Good luck and congratulations! It will all work out!!
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  • Congratulations enjoy the time you have I got pregnant when my daughter was 4mons. I just had my last princess in July who came early. That makes my girls 9mons apart my middle baby will be 1 in a week. Talk about exciting lol you'll be great.
  • Hi Moms!  We just found out this week that I'm pregnant with baby #2 due August 13!!  The babies will be around 23 months apart.  You all were so encouraging and supportive to me throughout my last pregnancy into infancy and toddlerdom -- thank you!

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