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Just need to vent about this to people I don't know.

So a little background: Hubby is 26, I'm 22. We temp and avoid/use condoms till after I've ovulated. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS but other then that healthy. 
My husband and I were planning on waiting another 2-3 years before starting a family. Just because we want student loans paid off and to travel a bit. Anyways about a week ago he caught me completely off guard by saying, "I wouldn't mind if we get pregnant now." That little sentence has sent my mind reeling. At times I'm, "Okay, I think I'd be okay with that too." at other times I'm, "No way!" I honestly think the fact that PCOS can cause fertility issues has been the cause of H's sudden change of heart, but idk if I'm ready. Has anyone else been on the fence like this? Did you end up pregnant, if so how were you emotionally/mentally when you found out? Or did you end up waiting?

Re: Just need to vent about this to people I don't know.

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    Sorry, I am not in a similar situation. But, the fact remains you should wait until you are truly ready. While you have PCOS, you are still young and likely still have quite a few years of fertility. I would suggest talking more with your doctor and then your DH. There is never a good reason to rush into parenthood, but maybe there are steps you two can work on toward getting prepared and ready.
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    I understand wanting to start a family, but I don't think you should until you feel you're completely ready. My hubby is 28, I'm 26 and we're waiting 1 more year before TTC. My fibromyalgia and DJD needs to be under better control painwise first and t and we want to get some things done around the house + get a 6 month emergency fund, just in case. There's a lot of things to take into consideration when having a baby, and I think you should feel completely prepared. You're still young and I wouldn't worry about the infertility issue as much, since you're young and are actually diagnosed; but I'm not in that position, so I can't speak from that point of view. Best of luck to you!
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    I can't speak for the PCOS but I can speak for waiting.

    I was ready to start trying by the wedding. H didn't want kids so young so we agreed to make a baby bucket list. Things like vacation alone, pay off all our debt, save an emergency fund that included baby expenses, save cash for a new(to us) car and get me through a couple semesters of college without loans. We will officially be done with that list on May 15th so we will officially be TTC in May. It was hard for me to wait but I am so happy knowing H is 100% on board and that we are in an amazing place in our marriage and in our finacial life. 

    I wouldn't want to get pregnant if I wasn't ready. I have seen it happen to a friend who was 18. She was happy about having a baby but admitted she was not ready and it made her miserable her whole pregnancy. Her daughter is 3 now and she is a great mom but she is excited to experience a planned pregnancy next time around.

    Good Luck!

    ETA: I am 23 and H is 26
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