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Anyone doing VBAC after PreEclampsia in prior pregnancy?

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Hello, I had a csection w/ DS almost two years ago due to failure to progress and a fever. I developed high blood pressure post partum and was hospitalized for almost 10 days (I didn't really need to be in that long, but my Dr was on vacation and that's whole nother story) They couldn't definitively diagnose me with Pre E, but said it may have been a very mild case. My Dr wouldn't even discuss a natural birth with me and said doing a c section prior to 40 weeks should prevent any blood pressure/Pre E issues. I can't find any medical literature to back this up so I'm just going by her expertise.

I'm nervous about another csection, DS had a collapsed lung when he was delivered and ended up getting an emergency chest tube and 3 days in NICU, but they did also mention my pelvis ect were very tiny, (you would never know from the outside!) when they opened me up, which makes me kind of nervous for a natural birth as well. 

Just wondering if anyone else has csection with pre or postpartum pre e and are now trying vbac?

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Re: Anyone doing VBAC after PreEclampsia in prior pregnancy?

  • I had pre e with my daughter and am planning an hbac. There is no research to support what your doctor is saying. Look into high protein diet to prevent pre e as well
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