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Tell me about your 3 and 5 year old

DS will be 3 in may and DH is pressuring me to switch DCs because he feels DD, who will be going into kindergarten in the fall, isn't learning enough.  Because DH feels DD's class has sort of gone down hill since last year, he wants to switch from the small, local daycare we've used for the past 2 years to a new Learning Experience that was just built and opened a few months ago.  DS knows his months, days of the week, seasons, he can count in English to around 14 and Spanish to about 10.  He is 110% potty trained, he has an awesome personality, he's friendly and makes friends everywhere he goes.  He can not write at all and does not know any numbers or letters.  DD just turned 5.  Between 3 and 4 DD learned every number and letter and it's sound.  She probably knew most of these things when she started our current daycare at 3 1/2.  She can write every letter, her name, and her brother's name, but can not read at all.  She's been learning some math, when I ask her almost any number up to 10 (8 +2, 4+5) she gets it right, but she does not know any subtraction.  

Do either of my children seem behind?  Based on this would you switch my son's daycare so he learns more in the next 2 years before kindergarten?

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  • Both of your kids seem to be right where they should be to enter kindergarten ready to soar.  There's tons of research emerging that a hardcore approach to teaching content in preschool doesn't make that much of a difference when kids are in school.  In fact, by some measurements it can be detrimental.  If your current preschool is helping your children to become confident and independent in a school setting, and to learn the basics of pre-reading, pre-writing, and number/pattern concepts, you're in good shape.  

    I'd stick with what you have, honestly.
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

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  • So I have an almost 3 year old and an almost 5 year old. They are both so different and learned different things at different times Im not sure I can compare. My three year old knows the alphabet, but Im not sure he could recognize his letters from sight, where I think his brother could at this age. However, he communicates verbally much better than his older brother did and is much more independent with everyday tasks. My almost 5 year old has been reading for awhile, understands directions in Spanish, makes maps of the various continents and is starting double digit addition. But he is also more prone to crying and tantrums than his 2 year old brother. It's almost comical. If your kids are happy where they are and you are comfortable with their caretakers, why switch?
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  • No, they don't seem behind at all. No, I wouldn't switch daycares. Play based learning is important. He has 2 more years before kindergarten. Let them be. I agree, why switch? No reason to disrupt what they already know and are happy and comfortable with. 
  • They sound advanced to me! I have a 3&5 year old. The 3 y/o doesn't know his months or days of the week.He can't write. He knows letters & numbers. My 5 y/o can read but he could when he went into daycare. I thought he was advanced for doing the addition but maybe not! 
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