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hi there, am an American FTM giving birth in Germany in June, then moving back to US at end of July. Just throwing this out there in case there are any lurkers in Germany who might want to compare notes!

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  • Hi there and congratulations! I just added the app and I'm 8 weeks along also living in Germany. In our situation we leave early fall and I'm not due til the end of November.
    How have you found your care so far throughout your pregnancy?
  • Thanks, and congrats to you! Have nothing to compare it to, but am beyond pleased with my care so far. Had the option of going back to the U.S. this month or staying in Germany to deliver... And am feeling really great about our decision to stay here. Hope you have a similarly good experience!
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  • Hi there. I'm also in Germany -- delivering end of November.
  • Hi there. I'm also in Germany -- delivering end of November.

    Cool, hello! How's your pregnancy going so far? I am due in a week, and have been really pleased with my care and with the hospital we've picked out. Everyone seems really supportive. Hope you're having a good experience!
  • I'm due Nov 30, although have had a semi complicated pregnancy so far with two bleeds and a short cervix right now. I must say though I have been so very pleased with how 'conservative' my OB has been in frequent u/s and thoroughness in care. Although that may be due to the complications I've had. Fingers crossed this pregnancy goes full term without significan issue :)
  • Had my baby in early June. It was a great experience, and I was pleased with the hospital that I chose. As an American here, there were two things that I would do differently next time, which I think relates to cultural differences:

    1) I would have made sure to book a midwife to visit me at home after the birth
    2) I would have been more vocal/direct about what I wanted. I was told a water birth was possible, and they wrote it in my chart... But I waited to be told to get in the water, and it never happened. Similarly, I was left alone (with my husband) for two hours. This freaked me out, and caused me to make some decisions I might not have otherwise, to progress things faster.
    I wish I would have asked for the water and for more assistance.

    All in all, though, a great experience. I was glad my OB and discussions with other local moms helped me change my mind about which hospital to pick. I went with a smaller one without a NICU and am glad I did, despite initial anxieties
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