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Feeling helpless

I've been feeling so helpless and it's making me super emotional. I'm in bad pain because of the cut they did down there and I can hardly do anything. I'm so thankful for my mom and husband but I can't help but feel bad and sad because I wish it was me doing all the things for my baby. Anyone else feel this way? I swear I can't wait to feel better and just be able to move around without being in pain. It's really getting to me :(...

Re: Feeling helpless

  • You will start feeling better soon.. Make sure you're eating well and getting sunshine if possible. I had the baby blues for the first several days after delivery and it wasn't over anything specific. I just felt super emo and cried a lot and wanted to just feel "normal" and happy and well. I had a second degree tear and am still dealing with a little discomfort down there (I delivered 3/11), but emotionally I feel a lot stronger and more capable of dealing with all the postpartum stuff. You'll get there.. Just let yourself rest and get well. You will have plenty of time with baby!
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