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I feel HUGE at 15weeks

i just became 15weeks and I feel huge, anyone else? I heard it just me being pregnant and bloated and it will get a bit smaller once all the bloating is gone!!!

Re: I feel HUGE at 15weeks

  • I'm almost 17 weeks and I'm SERIOUSLY showing. It's hard when I poke it though, other than maybe an inch of fat on top lol but that was there before.

    Even if some of your bump is bloat, it's still a baby bump!!!! Be proud and show that beautiful little bump off girl! We'll be HUGE before we know it ;)
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  • That is definitely a baby bump though and not going down. If anything its going to get bigger
  • Im 13 1/2 weeks and I'm not quite as big.
  • This is me at 16 weeks almost 17 weeks now and even bigger.
  • This is me at 16 weeks. I'm 17 weeks now and my winter coat almost didn't zip this morning. Also, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a cat's cage today and when I leaned forward to pet the cat, my belly wouldn't let me reach that far. 
  • This was me yesterday at 14 weeks! I feel like it kind of came out of no where. I had fat before so it's not all baby but I would say it's pretty impressive ;)
  • I'm 15 weeks n I feel huge too! Is my 3rd baby tho... :)
  • This is me about a week ago. The belly just came out of nowhere it seemed like. It's gets a little better in the morning when all the bloat goes away. I love my baby bump. I think it's sexy! There is a little pudge from before baby that is there but it's getting harder everyday. It does get in the way. But I still love my baby bump  :x
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  • Mine came literally out of no where a week ago. I'm 17 weeks and it's most definitely baby
  • This is me at 15+2 in my maternity jeans, they've rounded my stomach off so I look pregnant but I'm also getting bloated still & then I feel even huge and I still feel
    Nervous about going out and people staring at me :(image
  • I was a size 18 before though so I wasn't skinny lol x
  • I am not sure how to post a picture but am almost 16 weeks and definitely am showing. I feel huge most days.
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  • This is my picture this morning and I am now 15 weeks. I feel huge huge huge!
  • Mine is coming. I say 3 more weeks and I'll finally be able to see it through the fat lol
  • I'm 16 weeks!!!
  • Everyone looks adorable! Mine is starting b to pop as well. Can't suck it in anymore and my pooch the was already there is just poochier!
  • This is me at 15+2 in my maternity jeans, they've rounded my stomach off so I look pregnant but I'm also getting bloated still & then I feel even huge and I still feel
    Nervous about going out and people staring at me :(image

    Your having a baba hunni, embrace your bump! Don't worry about other people, your bump is lovely! :-) @louiser210591
  • I feel your awkwardness! I am 15 - nearly 16 weeks - and have a bump. Some of it is bloat/food baby and some of it is most definitely baby, but it is definitely visible. On Friday I had two people make the same comment, "How far along are you, like 5 months?" When i told them that I was about 4 months, they looked shocked at my belly and said "OH." I'm trying not to let it get to me - I know that this is all a process and the end result is a wonderful little baby, but it is pretty weird to go your entire life with it being rude to publicly discuss people's figures and then suddenly have everyone around you commenting on yours! I'm like - mind your business, people! ;-)
  • This was me yesterday morning... I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow :)
  • Just a quick pic I sent to my boyfriend yesterday while he was at work lol but 15 and 2 days I can see my bump forming I think :)
  • Just have to say, how amazing all of you ladies look! Be proud of that baby belly <3
  • 15 weeks tomorrow yay! Feel mahoosive! :-)
  • I'm in my 15 weeks 4 days and I got huge this week! Crazy!
  • 17 weeks tomorrow. Feel massive sometimes, other times not. This is about average here. But even the bloat is part of pregnancy, right? Although my Doctor commented yesterday that I look pretty bloated and asked me how my bowels were. :/
  • 15 weeks and boy.. The stomach, the belly, the poke out.. Lol
  • Only 15 + 1 . Definitely feeling larger than I should but fluctuates through the day, I for sure feel larger at the end of the day
  • I don't feel like getting up and taking a pic ahaha been so lazy but anyway I will be 18 weeks tom and this is the first time I am feeling uncomfortable in my body and it is hard. Most maternity pants are too big on me (hips and thighs, I am built like a 12 yr old boy straight up and down lol) but I need bigger for the belly! My shirt was riding up all day at work. Where I live it is still chilly but warming up and I don't want to keep buying things for cold days so I feel stuck. Ugh feel better! 
  • I am 17 weeks 5 days, second baby and i feel a bit bigger than my 1st time being pregnant but then again I have only gained about 4-5 pounds. My nurse practitioner said something related to gender, that if its a boy you grow sorta forward and out, then with a girl its more or so wider and evenly. Well I will hopefully find out soon the gender n determine how realistic that assumption is /:)
  • Nirolosa said:

    Just have to say, how amazing all of you ladies look! Be proud of that baby belly <3

    Totally agree! I don't have any pics of mine yet...I just keep thinking it's all fat I'm 14+3 even though I'm actually measuring a week ahead according to NT scan (that made me feel a little better). I'm only 4'10 so there's really not many places for it to go. This inspired me to finally take that pic! Thanks for sharing ladies!
  • Haha I feel you ladies! People keep asking me if there's only one in there ALREADY!
  • You look gorgeous, and that's definitely looking like a great baby bump. This is me at 17 weeks, and I'm a ftm. I feel like there's just a basketball stuffed under there, and I definitely start to panic thinking about how much bigger I'm going to get. But it's fun, I guess, cars stop almost instantly when I need to jaywalk from the bus stop and I never have to stand on the crowded commute home. I feel you with the feeling huge, though, for sure. These bump forums have helped a ton, though, to see all the other mommas go through the same changes!
  • Feeling definite Buddha belly at only 15 weeks. Ftm don't think I should be rounding out this fast lol l. Sure it isn't twins?
  • I've definitely been feeling bigger, but tonight was really the first time that I walked by the mirror and went "woah! belly!" I'm 14w3d.
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