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Ftm questions!

So I literally just found out I was pregnant a few days ago, and my first appointment isn't for another week and a half. Until then...is it safe to still do yoga? I know hot yoga should stop. But I've read things saying you shouldn't lay on your back too much in your first trimester and that makes me worried to keep up with my yoga classes. Any thoughts?
And another random question. Is it still okay to keep having sex? I know these questions probably seem dumb so thank you for any thoughts!

Re: Ftm questions!

  • You can continue your normal routine, pregnancy dosent prevent you from working out, or having sex. I would suggest buying a really good pregnancy book, you will have loads of questions as the weeks and months progress. Congrats!!!
  • Yoga is safe. the laying on your back isn't until later, when the weight of the uterus compresses the main arterty.
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  • Laying on your back for long periods of time isn't safe. But laying on your back here and there is fine throughout pregnancy. In a yoga class you're likely not spending more than 15-20 minutes on your back. Nothing bad will happen. It might be uncomfortable for you so if that's the case you can modify with a bolster.

    I quit hot yoga when I got my bfp but have continued both yoga and pilates. I am 27 weeks now and I started leaving out the stomach laying stuff around week 18-20 when it started to get uncomfortable. I still do most other exercises.
  • I'm a dancer and I danced well into the second trimester. I modified certain things and didn't do many leaps or jumps after a while but the exercise was great. Yoga is fine. There's even prenatal yoga.
  • Congrats on your pregnancy. With my first, I did yoga maybe up to like week 10 or so. After that some of the poses became too difficult (the twisting mostly). So I say continue for as long as you feel ok.


  • Thank you guys so much! Everyone has been so helpful!
  • Absolutely! Especially if you've always done yoga. Sex should be fine, you may notice light pink blood afterwards which is also normal.
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