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3d/4d ultrasound in south jersey

Hi mamas,

I wanted some info on 3d/4d ultrasounds in SJ. Where do you suggest going? What weeks are the best for the clearest pictures? Do I need OB approval/ doctors note?


Re: 3d/4d ultrasound in south jersey

  • I looked this up recently (before hubby refused to agree lol) and found that only a few places offered them down here. The gender scan alone was around $100 starting. Most of the places were about a hour away from the Cherry Hill area.

    I just waited for my doctor to order my anatomy scan and saw everything then. Usually thats between 18-22 weeks.  Hope that helps
  • Look up bundle of joy in marlton!! It amazing! I went there and its beautiful and amazing.
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    We did Bundle of Joy in Marlton too. I was 30 weeks the first time. They couldn't get a good shot of the face so I went back at 31 weeks (free) and they were able to get a really good, clear shot. The techs are very nice but they do tend to run a bit late. Both times we waited about 25 minutes past our appt time which was a bit annoying especially since I had our 3 yo with me the 2nd time. But all in all, it's a good place. I think the package we got was $120.
  • Womb Service in Haddon Heights!
  • The BEST ultrasound I ever saw was at www.wondertimellc.com !!!!
    She has the newest machine; she's definitely the only one in NJ with that machine and I think the closest other place is far out in PA. Anyway, it does live 4D HD video and I cried watching someone else get theirs done, not even my own baby! Made me want to get pregnant just watching theirs.  She runs specials often too!!!
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