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Being induced tomorrow!!

So because I'm 41 weeks tomorrow and my blood pressure did rise my doctor is inducing me tomorrow! I'm so excited that I'll finally get to meet my little one. It felt like my pregnancy wasn't going to end! So they are inducing me with Prostaglandin. If you were induced with this how was your experience?

Re: Being induced tomorrow!!

  • No experience but good luck!
  • OB tried to induce me twice with Prostaglandin. It didn't do anything for me. Good ol' pitocin was only thing that got labor going for me. Good luck tomorrow!
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  • Good luck!
  • ryemoryemo
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    Prostaglandins are usually the first step. You'll have a quiet 12 hrs or so then they'll start pitocin. Good luck!
  • Wishing you blessings on a safe delivery!
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