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growth spurt?

Hey ladies!
My little guy is 10.5 weeks and I swear he's throwing me through a loop. His eating has been off (formula fed). Sometimes, he'll take 5 ounces sometimes 8. And sometimes he's content with 3. He still sleeps fantastic at night, but getting him to sleep is an absolute battle and he won't nap during the day (unless I hold him).
Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance!

Re: growth spurt?

  • My little girl is doing the exact same thing. What were once long naps during the day with full feedings is now five minute nursing sessions and naps only in the sling. I put her down and she's awake again in a few minutes. Her night time ritual is still good though. Maybe they are just learning that day is different than night, there is more to see.
  • My baby is the same. He sleeps up to the whole night but only sleeps 30min through the day. I thought I was the only one but you are right, they are learning night and day because he doesn't sleep in the day if it's loud or bright.
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  • Same here! My 8 week old girl is eating every 1.5 hours to every 30 min (used to be 2 hours) and will nurse for 5 minutes up to an hour and then need to be topped off with a bottle! Nap times are random and much shorter if she even takes a nap at all and getting her to sleep at night is horrible she wants to play and snuggle at 1130 at night once she gets to sleep (finally in her own bassinet) she's out but my goodness the way she fights it until then is a nightmare
  • I am having similar issues. Any BRDT moms want to give us a glimpse into the future? I am worried she is going to be a horrible napper! Please tell me it's just a phase!?!?
  • My baby girl is the same way her naps are max an hour usually. She's 9 weeks and has been this way since last week. I don't really mind since she sleeps good at night, but since I can't get much done I try to do a little tummy time, talking and playing on her baby gym mat and wait to feed when she's really sleepy and a little fussy and that makes her nap longer.
  • I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who is having problems with their LO not napping during the day. My daughter is 10 weeks old and for the past week it has been a nightmare to get her to sleep during the day. Because it's been so hard to get her to sleep, She sleeps where ever she falls asleep, sometimes in my arms or in her swing. I'm so nervous I'm creating a bad habit or that she won't be a good sleeper in the future. I hope this is just a phase!
  • Glad to hear we are not alone. Mine is a horrible day sleeper as well but on the plus side she crashes in the evening and sleeps great at night
  • My Daughter is 10weeks and she went from eating every 2.5-3 hrs during the day and evey 5-6 hrs at night to now wanting to feeding ALL the time now!! It has only been 2 days of this where her feeding patterns has changed but I am really hoping it is a growth spurt and she goes back to her old ways. Her sleeping patterns have changed now since she is up eating more so no sleep for this mommy right now!
  • sbeensbeen member
    I'm in the same boat. As I'm writing this post I can hear her crying but it's daddy's time now to try putting her to bed. My LO is 11 weeks and isn't good with day naps. I'm struggling myself. Thanks mommies
  • Same boat... Any tricks or answers that may come up. Please share. Im sick of everyone saying "you are feeding him again".
  • We have some improvement! My mother-in-law bought her a light up music/ white noise player for Easter she loves it! During the day we play just the music when she's fussy and it calms her and sometimes she'll get a nap from it then at night we play the music and turn on the lights (both turn off after awhile) and she'll sleep still having some rough nights but wanted to let others know of something that has helped us lately
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