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Varicose veins WHERE?!

35 weeks 4 days today with 2nd baby. My crotch has been sore and swollen for the past couple of weeks. Right before my 34 week appt, I noticed 2 lumps in my outer vagina lip (TMI?). I showed the dr, and she casually said that I have varicose veins in my vagina! Does anybody else have this? People don't talk about these things. I've only heard about varicose veins in legs. Ouch! I'm feeling sorer everyday.
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Re: Varicose veins WHERE?!

  • They are called vulvar varicosities- just from increased blood flow and pressure related to the pregnancy. Similar to hemorrhoids, they generally get much better 6-8 after delivery. I have seen my fair share of them and i remember one patient of mine had a support belt thing that she used because hers were pretty substantial in size. Just another magical thing about pregnancy :)
  • Oopsie doo I meant 6-8 weeks after delivery
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    I have them too. Ugh. My doctor told me I should wear spanx- to help put pressure on them for the pain and also to try to stop any more from coming. He said they'll go away after the pregnancy but that more will come with each pregnancy- this is my first now.
  • *raises hand*
    I've had them with all of my pregnancies. They have gotten better after pregnancy but have never gone away completely:(

  • Yep! I have it too. Very uncomfortable and my vagina just aches and swells.
  • Yep, got them around the same time as you too.
  • I've got them bad.  Didn't have them for #1 or #2...but this time my leg and vulvar varicose veins are horrible.  I wear compression pantyhose (prescription strength) and the OB offered some sort of lady jock-strap to help with the vulvar ones - but I just can't do it!
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  • Me too, yuck! Sitting on my exercise ball helps, as does keeping my feet propped up higher than my hips as much as possible. Sorry! Good luck!
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