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any other January moms trying/thinking of trying again?

Re: TTC...already?

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    My husband and I are! We must be crazy!! No seriously, our dr said something about the first six months after giving birth could result in an easier time getting pregnant without help. So far it hasnt worked but we are having fun trying
  • Thank goodness I'm not alone!! Are you EBF?
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  • Sorry what is EBF an abbreviation for?
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    Exclusively breast feeding
    Not us! We talked about before our daughter was born but then I had a really hard birth. I need time to let everything heal...and to forget a little lol.

    Good luck to you though!
  • I completely understand! I hope you are able to heal and enjoy this time with your new daughter! How exciting!

  • Jennie- exclusively breastfeeding!
    EBFrs aren't supposed to ovulate for quite a bit, but I got my period back after 7 weeks
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    We are exclusively formula feeding. I told my husband that we really would be crazy to have a baby January 2015 and one in December 2015. Our baby turned 10 weeks old last Friday. I would have thought that I would have had a period by now. I could be dead wrong on that one (which I probably am).
  • I think if you are not breastfeeding periods usually start back up around 6-8 weeks. Good luck to you. It would be crazy to have 2 kids in the same year.
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    BFP #3 5/15/2014 ~ EDD 1/16/2015~Addison Isabelle (9lbs, 0oz, 21 inches) 1/25/2015 2VBAC (41w2d)
    BFP #4 7/20/2016 ~ EDD 3/25/2017 ~ Malachi Mathew (10lbs 0oz, 22 inches) 4/4/2017 emergency csection (41w3d)

  • No. I'm focusing on the baby and toddler that I already have.


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