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Does anyone elses LO give dad a hard time?

My LO gives her daddy a hard time. Example he tries to hug her and she just fusses or when he tries to cuddle she screams. I feel so bad cause I can tell it hurts him that she is that way with him and loves to cuddle with me.


  • No idea.  I encouraged DH to take 2 weeks paternity leave for bonding (they watched the World Cup together) and since I'm a Peds nurse and was decently familiar with newborn cares, I did what I do in the hospital: Show once, Teach once, Watch once. Then left him to his own devices for the first week we were home.  I was around to asnwer questions and feed baby, but DH was changing most of the diapers, doing the night-time feedings while I pumped, putting LO to bed, burping, changing clothes, etc and I was just a resource.  It took some hard lessons and some tongue-biting, but he now feels  comfortable taking care of our son on his own.  He tells MIL how to do things and knows Grififn so well. I'm not sure if that's what did it, but I think it helped tremendously.
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