Child Spacing- 10,6,4, new born. Dynamics? Will they be close?

Hi all,   (This is crossposted - sorry mods, wasn't sure the best place to put it! Please delete where appropriate - thanks!)

I am expecting in November. This baby is a surprise! When the baby is born, my children will be 10,6, and 4.

know it all depends of course, but after all the worry about a healthy
baby and being an "old parent", my next biggest worry is the spacing.
Will my kids be close? Will the 10 year difference be too much? Will my
current trio of boys be too old and not really embrace the new one?

Would love to hear insights from others! Thanks.

Re: Child Spacing- 10,6,4, new born. Dynamics? Will they be close?

  • Who knows? I know some siblings who are 5 years apart and close and others who are 18 months apart and not close.

    No on cam predict what your kids will be like especially if you can't and you obviously know them better than a bunch of strangers on the Internet.

  • My girls are 14, 12, and 7...then the new one is 11wks.

    I thought the older 2 would be embarrassed having a mom who is "old" anf having a new baby. They never said it but I wondered if they thought it.

    When baby sister was born I couldn't peel them away from her. They are constantly wanting to hold her still.

    I think it is all in how you raise your kids. I have a twin brother and never talk to him unless we are at family functions. Same with my other 4 brothers and sisters. We talk on fb but we are not a very close family. So we made a decision to be very involved with our girls. It wasn't like that for me growing up. Hubs was more closer to his sisters. And I am more closer to them than my own.

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  • My brother was born when were 8,6 and 4 (girls). I loved my brother growing up and was very protective of him ( I was 6 when he was born). We are all pretty close. Granted, we are all at different stages in life, but we all have fun when we get together. 
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  • The kids in my family were 10, 8, and 6 when my youngest brother was born. To be honest, the older three of us were close, but my youngest brother kind of grew up as an "only" child. He was just so much younger than the rest of us and we took care of him more than we played/grew up with him.

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